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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. twister6 Contributor
    standard 2pin, remember, comes with Ares II :wink:
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  2. Wyville
    That’s why I was wondering about the extruded sockets, but I guess it’s because they are prototypes.
  3. fiascogarcia
    In your experience with EE, is there very much re-tuning for the final product after the prototype is released? Thanks!
  4. Gavin C4
    My custom Zeus-XR came with an EE stock cable instead of an Ares II. According to the dealer, they say Ares II is currently out of stock and they will give me my Ares II when they are back online.
    Nice, so I can even do a comparison between EE stock cable vs Ares II lol. Cable believer.
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  5. twister6 Contributor
    I never had a chance to compare prototypes, only have experience with Zeus. So, can't say if it going to change. But Jack was confident enough to ask me to use this prototype for review purpose since the signature/tuning is final.
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  6. bvng3540
    When can we order the Legend X?
  7. Mimouille
  8. ForceMajeure
    Because they are a prototypes and used another mold for the shells they probably had to save space internally for the drivers and what not... That's why the sockets extrude.
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  9. Wyville
    I thought it would be something like that, especially with the Legend X and the space needed for all those delicious drivers. :D
  10. NaiveSound
    Waiting for a comparison of Zeus vs Legend
  11. Deezel177
    Well, I'm very glad to announce that I'll be attending the Empire launch event in Singapore this coming Friday. You can expect thorough impressions of both EP and X line-ups (including comparisons with the Zeus-XR), extensive photo coverage, as well as any miscellaneous info I can squeeze out of both the Empire and Effect Audio guys while I'm there - all encased within the structural framework of a THL article. It looks like it's gonna be a crap ton of work, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tremendously excited. :D
  12. korvin12
    Enjoy bro, anxiously awaiting your reviews!!!
    Deezel177 likes this.
  13. proedros
  14. rcoleman1
    Hey @Deezel177 please do a review of the Zeus XR ADEL version vs. Phantom while you're there. Thanks and enjoy the ride man!
  15. Deezel177
    Unfortunately, my Zeus is the non-ADEL version. But, I'll try my best to compare the three from memory.
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