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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. ranfan
    I wouldn't recommend the Opus 2 for Zeus. It hisses quite a lot. Dunno about Opus 3 though. Zeus with AK70MKII, and WM1A sounds nice IMO. A little hiss, but unnoticeable when playing. :) For Spartan, I think the Opus 2 is OK. YMMV.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
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  2. singleended58
    Thank you @ranfan for suggestion of pairing Spartan with Opus 2.
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  3. Twitley
    Anyone can not or does not want to buy a $ 1k cable and The choice of cable depends on the criteria of each.
    For mart share:
    The choice of a cable depand of my use (outside), the budget (300 to 350 $) and the pair of iem or ciem. (Zeus Xr adel)
    I chose the superbax Linum, because it is flexible, end, the returns are good, the right price and available immediately, compared to a plussoundaudio who has a 6 to 8 week availability.
  4. istfleur
    If the cables need break in, how do manufacturers make the quality control and adjust them to a specific signature without break in. As the signature is gonna change after break in.
  5. ctsooner22
    They use a reference cable that is 'broken in'. All components have minute differences in them. My friend who makes speakers and amps (very high end 2 channel audio) does very careful matching of components from his own hand built carbon fiber drivers to the cap he uses in his crossovers and amps to the tubes he uses in his amps. The more expensive gear has the most closely matched drivers and components. The less expensive speakers have the same drivers, but teh ones that didn't match up nearly perfectly for the other speakers/amps (but still VERY close tolerance). In very critical listening you can tell the differences. That said you are also taking about speakers north of 60k a pair and amps that are in the same region vs speakers in the 30k a pair range and mono blocks that are in the 15k a pair range.

    I also agree that it sure seems like Jack and his design team have paired up the IEM's with cable that is premium and give the sound signature they want. Folks in audio always want to tinker or fine tune or even change what they hear, so it's very interesting to read these posts.
  6. Gavin C4
    Effect Audio special edition cable for VE8 paired well with Zeus-XR. A significant upgrade from the Empire Ear stock cable. Much more detailed perceived and improved the treble extension. It also slightly increases the bass presence, compared to the EE stock cable where the bass is totally non-existence. Zeus-XR does scale well with a decent copper cable. Really look forward when the Ares II arrives. The dealer will contact me asap when the Ares II is back on stock, but I have to return the Empire Ear stock cable ... so no AB comparison. :crying_cat_face:
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  7. olddude
    Ares ll is VERY good with Zeus XR and SP1000SS.
  8. Gavin C4
    You should have got the Ares II 2.5 instead of Ares II+ 2.5.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  9. singleended5863
    Also it is good with Spartan and DP-X1.
  10. olddude
    Actually, as we speak my ll+ 2.5 is heading Eastward and a ll 2.5 is heading Westward in a Head-Fi trade of "epic proportions," Touchdown for both should be Wednesday afternoon. I'm not saying this is the cause of the stock market dropping by 1000+ points, but... you can be the judge.

    My original ll 3.5 is inconsolable, but, as I told it, we have to do what is good for the team, and there is no "I" in cable.
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  11. PinkyPowers
    Not to terrorize anyone, but Leonidas was very appealing with Zeus XR, when I borrowed SubGuy's.
  12. Gavin C4
    I tried paring the Zeus-XR with Leonidas Black Edition. It significant bought up the bass and make it punchy. It also adds a great treble extension. The way the wires bundle in the Leonidas Black Edition is significantly different from a normal Leonidas.
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  13. olddude
    What did it do to the middle?
  14. Mimouille
    Wait...I think I know that joke.
  15. olddude
    Mimouille is on FIRE!!!!!:L3000:
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