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  1. Deezel177
    Folks who've heard the Phantom have touted it as one of the most correct-sounding IEMs they've ever heard, with some favouring it over the Zeus in terms of tonal accuracy and - as a result - transparency. The prices on the mini-review have been corrected. The Legend X will be 2300 USD, and the Phantom is 1800 USD.
  2. Wyville
    Thank @ryanjsoo for his impressions at PortaFest where the Phantom and Legend X were teased! They certainly have my attention and look to topple the UE18+ as my top choice for TOTL.
    As others have mentioned, they are different signatures and would more likely compliment each other/cater to different preferences. For me tonality is very important, I want instruments to sound realistically for classical music and the Phantom appear to do that very well. We will see once the official announcement comes around! :D
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  3. ambrose1985
    and when would that be !
  4. Deezel177
    No one knows yet.
  5. Mython Contributor
    To quote one of my favourite old films (Monty Python's 'Life of Brian'):

    "Why won't he tell us?" "Is it a secret..???" :D

    I'm sure we'll find out, all in good time.
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  6. Wyville
    And if he lets anything slip, he will be an ex parrot. :D
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  7. phase0
    So far I've had nothing but problems with the fit on my Zeus. I'm still waiting on EE. They did say they'll make sure I'm happy with the results but it's frustrating with all the back and for shipping and waiting. It's funny reading there's new great revolutionary stuff coming. I'm not sure yet if I should regret the Zeus or not? I know companies will always be working on new stuff as they have to. Then regardless if it is or not, they have to try and hype it as the best thing ever whether it is or not. My goal with getting the Zeus was to solve the IEM problem hopefully for the next decade (or longer). Go the extra mile, get the perfect custom fit, go TOTL, go all out and get it done right?

    I sold a pair of my over ear HPs, and when chatting w/ this fine group of people, one of the guys said he got some CIEM once, and they never fit right. He gave up and threw them in the drawer and forgot about them. I had no idea what a pain it would be. I assumed you get a good impression, and that was it. They'll pop out a perfect fit. I'm kind of curious if other people have a lot of fit struggles when they got customs? Or did they just work fine? If the next fix I get from EE isn't solid then I'm done with CEIM forever. In decades of using silicon tips on my IEMs I never struggled with fit/seal. I'm super disappointed in the custom route right now...
  8. Rin1990
    Sorry that your experience wasn't as good, phase0.

    Personally, when I got into custom, it's been nothing but pleasant seal and fit for me. Granted, when I was listening to music while chewing vigorously like chicken meal or burgers, I never once got my seal broke. And even in those situations it only slightly move the seal apart which a small gentle tap to the CIEM would immediately fix, no problems for me.

    But I understand that custom route has issues like these...guess I can only say that I am lucky to get a great seal in my first try. :)
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  9. PinkyPowers
    That's a common story in the CIEM world. Every manufacturer has customers who just can't get a good fit. And every manufacturer has those who always get a solid fit first time. It's a toss-up.

    I've had bad luck in the past. It can be real upsetting, I know. But my Spartans seem to work quite well. :)
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  10. fiascogarcia
    Refits on customs is not uncommon, but many times it is a matter of finding the right audiologist who can make proper impressions. I think EE will offer as good support as any company you could work with. Getting a good fit and seal makes for a great experience, but I've pretty much signed off on customs because resale value takes such a hit, and I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm never going to keep the same iems for more than a couple of years at most.
  11. proedros
    all my ciems had great fit , everything starts at how good impressions you get

    it's not the company's faults if your impressions are poor/faulty - they make do with what we give them

    EE and @Jack Vang are great and if the problem is not on your initial impressions they will sort you out

  12. PopGenie
    Sorry to hear about your CIEM fit problem, I used to put the ear impression back to my ear to make sure both ears feel comfortable. I think EE can't do much for the refit unless you send a pair of new impressions. They only can try to guess and sand the finished CIEM by what you told which parts you don't feel comfortable, in which way you may lose the isolation as well.
  13. AxelCloris Administrator
    I've had fit issues with CIEMs before as well, even with Empire Ears, and almost every single issue I ran into was the result of poor impressions. Life lesson: don't go to a cheap audiologist for impressions just because they're cheap. Find one that has a strong history of impression making, even if it's more expensive. That or have the manufacturer take your impressions at a show. And make sure you have the audiologist follow the manufacturer's mold requirements. Using a different material than a manufacturer wants can sometimes have a considerable impact on the end product.
  14. olddude
    Took three tries after I got them to get my UERMs fitting correctly. I eventually drove down to the UE shop in Irvine (not so far on a map, but in LA just about a two-hour drive) just to finally get them dialed in. That includes going to the UE Hollywood location twice (only an hour drive) for impressions, once with goo and once with laser. I also shipped them back twice with a short list of what I thought needed to be changed, which got them closer to usable. It's not a cut-and-dried process, some folks get it done once and get a perfect fit and some struggle. I doubt I will get customs again, for a variety of reasons. I got a universal Zeus for those reasons and am very happy with it.

    EE has great customer service, I'm sure they will take care of you once they are up and running after their holiday vacation. And I suppose you could have them reshell yours as a universal if all else fails.
  15. phase0
    Yea. Thanks for the thoughts guys. EE took the impressions and said they were good (at a canjam). I think they're basically re-making them and I might possibly get them next week which will be the 3rd go round I think. From there if it's not right maybe they can subtract and get a better fit. I thought about asking EE if I can fly down there to their office to try and dial it in right but that also involves a lot more inconvenience and expense on my part.

    Everyone says EE has great service. As of right now they've been friendly and responsive and willing to help so I don't really have any complaints about them. I'm just frustrated with the whole back and forth and waiting weeks and months in between. We'll see how the next iteration or two goes. I didn't know customs were such a pain. This is probably the last time I order some, unless I need hearing aids later LOL.
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