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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. pithyginger63
  2. Blommen
    Wow! That is probably the best looking cable I've ever seen!

    That is really unfair of you Eric, I am picking up my Thor II 8-wire today and now you show me this :)
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  3. EffectAudio
    Would it be better if i show this instead? :D

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  4. Wyville
    That's a really cool video Eric, great to see the master at work! Very much looking forward to seeing some impression of Horus 8 coming in!
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  5. Decreate
    Earlier today I got a message from the distributor here in HK saying that my Janus D had arrived. Got really excited and rushed right over. However once I got there and opened the box, I found that it arrived with a 2.5mm balanced plug and a piggy tail cable to convert it to 4.4mm. I told them that I had specifically ordered one with a 4.4mm plug but was informed that all Janus cables came with 2.5mm plugs and a piggy tail cable to convert to whatever termination that was requested. Wasn't really happy with that but I thought if I was happy with the cable I could learn to live with the piggy tail. Unfortunately once I plugged everything in I found there was no sound coming out of my left ear piece. I fidgeted around with the 2.5mm connector of the piggy tail and found the sound to cut in and out of the left ear piece. Really wished that the cable was terminated with a 4.4mm plug, now I have to wait for it to be sent back to EA to get fixed.... :cry:
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  6. klyzon
    The build quality of the horus 8 is really excellent. Ultra premium feel with malleable cable.
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  7. Deezel177
    I just spoke to Eric and he confirmed that all Janus cables will be terminated in 2.5mm with customer-specified adapters. He’s mostly cross by the fact that your HK dealer hasn’t informed you of this, because this info has been available to all dealers for weeks, as well as to everyone who’s pre-ordered directly. Regardless, you can rest assured that the EA team are more than ready to deal with your issue. :)
  8. Decreate
    Thanks, guess I'll just have to continue waiting until it gets fixed.
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  9. Deezel177
    I personally think the U12t is transparent and neutral, so the Leo/Mars wouldn't pair well with it unless you were looking to maximise sheer clarity and detail. The PlusSound GPC would probably work better in adding some richness and body without compromising resolution and separation. I haven't tried the GPS in a while and the GPH at all, so I can't comment.
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  10. twice tzuyu
    Am I wrong to assume that the Plussound GPC would be similar to the Lionheart apart from the fact the Lionheart uses GPC and SPC?
  11. Deezel177
    Well, you must remember that each manufacturers’ wires are processed according to their specifications, which includes strand count, dampening, Litz type, where the conductor is sourced from, etc. As a result, pure silver cables from different companies sound different, and the same applies to copper, SPC, GPC, etc. Even in the development of Lionheart, Effect Audio apparently tried over eight different variants of copper before settling on the one they eventually gold-plated. So, I wouldn’t say the Lionheart and GPC would sound the same if the Lionheart was fully GPC. Actually, one of Effect Audio’s region-soecific cables was fully GPC; it was the Thailand-only one I believe.

    In terms of sound, from what I can recall, the Lionheart has a more vibrant upper-midrange. As a result, vocals have a livelier timbre. The lower-treble has more sparkle as well for clearer articulation. The GPC has a more linear signature by comparison.
  12. pithyginger63
    I'm assuming this was a 4wire gpc
  13. Giraku
    I had a similar issue with my Janus D. It turned out that the tip of the 2.5mm plug was slightly crooked so that connection was on/off depending on the rotation angle. Try twisting the plug and experiment with the angles with the pigtail adapter. You may find an "optimal" position where problem disappears. I guess a certain batch of the 2.5mm plugs have this problem.
    But the good news is the customer support of Effect Audio is fantastic. Eric was quick acting and arranged an exchange for me. When they shipped a replacement, I shipped back the problematic one to them. This way, I had minimal time gap (just one day) without Janus. So kudos to Eric for such a flexible and fantastic customer care.
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  14. Blommen

    Thor II in da house!!

    First impressions : Damn beautiful cable, love the new PS-plug. Package oozes quality and luxury. No leather pouch like the Lionheart but honestly, when am I putting my cable in a pouch?
    As for sound it needs some burn in, but right off the bat: Holy batman, tha bass!!! Wow, ok this is my kind of silver! Very clean, superb extension, rumble like there is no tomorrow.

    I'll post again when I've spend some more time with it...


  15. Decreate
    I was actually at the distributor's office so I left the cable with them. Now I will need to wait and see how long it will take to get the cable fixed and sent back to them...
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