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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. Wyville
    Haha! Not far off, as I still owe my wife a doggy for the Phantom and then I will need to add another doggy for a dappy. :D I want to look for a slightly less laid-back DAP and expect I will then be switching back to balanced. It just seems to be something typical of the AK70 (and my personal preferences of course).

    Overall I would say that the Ares II 8-wire is great value not just for the Phantom. I am listening to the 8-wire right now with my Custom Art Ei.3 and the pairing rocks! Again, the intimate sounding Ei.3 just scale to greatness with the 8-wire and get a great sense of energy. Loving this pairing. So when it is not paired with my Phantom, it will be paired with my Ei.3. :ksc75smile:
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  2. San Man
    Bummer, I thought you could have tested it there with something :frowning2:
  3. Deezel177
    Sounds like an A&whatevertheheckitis SE100 is in the books for you. :wink:
  4. pithyginger63
    lololololololololololololol anyone have the tilty screen one?

    @Wyville do you only own the ak70?

    does anyone know when the hiby r3 will be purchasable? I need a transport for my mojo
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
  5. Deezel177
    To be fair, a friend of mine tried the SR15 (the tilted screen one) and he found it very ergonomic. The slant of the body matches perfectly with a right-handed grip, so when held, the screen is perfectly straight. Though, it only applies to a right-handed grip. Holding it with the left hand makes the tilt even worse. :D
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  6. pithyginger63
    rip i hold my devices with my left hand, time to petition for a left side version. did you see my message in the shootout thread? about currawong's discord server
  7. Deezel177
    I did. That’s up to you, man. :)
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  8. Wyville
    Spot on! :D From what I have read so far it seems like the A&Sillylongname SE100 might well be better suited to my preferences and it is the first DAP that I am as interested in as the WM1A, which still tops my wish list (mostly because of its wonderful battery life). I am keeping my fingers crossed Sony will come up with some interesting new goodies in the coming months.
    Yep, I have the first AK70. Really nice player overall and I generally love the sound of it. It is just occasionally that I find the synergy less than optimal, which is probably an indication that I am becoming a spoiled little audiophile brat. :D
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
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  9. pithyginger63
    do you have a discord account?
    pm me your id
  10. tim0chan
    Use the shanling m0, much better and cheaper as a transport
  11. pithyginger63
    thx, I was worried about it being a little too small. iirc it's not Android right?
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  12. tim0chan
    Not android but since u r just using it as a transport and not for the sound it's sufficient
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  13. haiku
    IMG_0729.JPG IMG_0730.JPG IMG_0731.JPG IMG_0732.JPG IMG_0733.JPG IMG_0734.JPG
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  14. twice tzuyu
    I would like to ask if is the Ares II using the same insulation as the other cables because I have an Ares II+ and the cable is very stiff. The braiding above the Y-Split is already messed up.
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  15. Vitor Valeri
    Hi, I have Ares II (no plus) and Thor Silver II. Both cables are very flexible and comfortable to use.
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