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Maybe you should not be listening to Mahler.

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Depends upon what you are listening with. IMO. 

Well, I'm sure it's been covered before, by other users, but as soon as mine burns in I'll post a mini review about my DX90 and my HD800s...with and without an amp to boost it (and whether or not I'll be purchasing a new amp or not).
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  It's probably the combination of the neutral M40X+neutral DX90. What closed cans that are good for classical music sound good and natural with the DX90?

The ESW10 Japan but they were limited in production and hard to find now. I really enjoy mine now but they took forever to burn in. I though they were ok for hundreds of hours and then they finally fell into place and that was while comparing them to other phones so I know it was them and not me burning in. :^)
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  Please help! Mango was working fine for two days and now it crashed and i cant get it to work.. 

What part of the DX90 isn't working? The FW or will the 90 not turn on. Can you explain more?
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  I meant it doesn't work as a DAC anymore. I tried to reinstall everything and Mango is showing in device manager-but i can't choose it in playback devices

Sometimes you have to uninstall the driver and reinstall. 
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  Do you people think too that the DX90 sounds a bit metalic/robotic/artificial? It sounds a bit unnatural

I gather from your posts that you have only had the DX90 for 3 days, so you are forgetting that the DX90 needs 400+ hours of burn in to really open up. It makes a night and day difference, just keep burning in and I promise you it will become one of the most refined and eloquent sounding daps on the face of this earth. Ibasso had a good reason to include a burn in cable!!
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  Cmon people, DX90 is $350 at amazon, buy em up, and its $360 at Mp4nation with free Fedex shipping worldwide and free Brainwavs R3 iems, use coupon code "fb2012fiver" at shopping cart page.

I have 5 medium large boxes of CD's to transfer to lossless, over 3,000 cd's. I found some gold cd's and many SACD hybrids, that have been in storage for some time. So would 2 help me transfer faster? :^)
Listening to Janis Joplin, Pearl, right now from the gold SBM cd. Found some Dylan stuff on gold. .  . gah. . not enough time! 

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