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DT880 to what?

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  1. igotyofire
    I'm really enjoying the way this thread is progressing as well. I've had my setup for some years now & I love my dt880s as well & feeling a similar itch for something just as analytical that doesn't give up anything to the 880s. But looking for a bit funner sounding(engadging) & maybe some more bass extension & depth.( I thought my previous HD600s were a bit funner before & less analytical to the DT880s) I have AD700, closed M50s & Ultrasones 580s but not looking for anything like that. I think I'm leaning towards the X2's over the K712s thanks to this thread. I feel torn because the QC issues tell me I should opt for the AKG. I can assume you still enjoy the X2s after your experience with the T1, 1990s? I got a bottlehead crack amp & a Maverick D1 amp. 
  2. amigomatt
    Have you tried the DT990?
  3. igotyofire

    I have not tried the 990s but I was really intrigued by what I'm hearing about DT1990 and seeing the OP end up there. Wondering if I should even bother with the X2,K712 and just go straight to the DT1990 now. I'm curious if he even bothers pulling out the X2 after the dt1990s. Id hate to go down a longer path and end up in same place.

    Edit: I see dt990s are cheap these days. Not sure of that's what your also pointing out?
  4. amigomatt

    I reckon if you can afford an upgrade, you'll enjoy that more than any side-grade!
  5. amigomatt
    I haven't heard the 880 but I have the 990 and know they are exciting, engaging and have a great bass response, as you requested.
  6. Music freak
    HD 650s. They would compliment your DT 880s
  7. igotyofire
    So i got the dt990s couldn't resist at that price. Initially I didn't really like them much. But when paired with my warm sounding Bravo Amp or perhaps a bit more break in they settled down & became much funner to listen to. Initially it just sounded like something was missing and there wasn't much synergy & they music didn't really sound fun or engaging with my other amps. They sound like a more bassier version of the DT880s & not as crystal clear in the upper frequencies but very close. Very similiar sound signatures. I wasn't completely satisfied as I continued to be curious about the X2's. I then started researching more & became intrigued with all the hype between the Fostex Massdrop headphones. Also the T50RP Mk3 was on my radar(still is a little). When I saw the drop start & the continued positive reviews I had to bite. They arrived today & this was exactly what I have been looking for in terms of fun. I'm now extremely curious how the DT1990s sound compared to these Fostex because I've never heard anything this fun. They obviously probably not going suit everyones needs depending on music genre but I feel I'm covering all my basis for now.
    20170118_191520.jpg ! 20170202_195846.jpg
  8. AltCtrl
    I just wanted to chime in and say I've been using the DT1990 almost exclusively since I bought them. Highly recommended. I also use the DT880's from time to time(addicting treble). My DT990's and X2's don't get nearly as much attention, I do use the X2's for the occasional movie viewing. I do have the HD6XX and HE-4XX from massdrop on the way and they should be here by the end of the year. I'm actually focused on upgrading my DAC and AMP right now.

    Good move on the Fostex TH-X00 I've had them recommended to me more than once. I'm guessing they're closer to the TH-600 more than the TH-900. Do they only come with closed pads being a closed headphone? Are they fatiguing after a few hours since they're closed?
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