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Double Helix Cables Thread

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  1. ExpiredLabel
    Just wanted to show love to Peter @dhc cables. I recently was able to scoop a deal on a one off prion4 iem cable used. Build quality is solid for this type of cable. I actually appreciate the black sleeving for the cable as I'm not one for bling or being loud.

    I also wish to add I've been in a bit of communication with Peter as I needed help with a IC order. He has always been kind and taken the time to answer concerns or questions I have. For those worrying or not getting responses, please be patient as he often is busy putting out such great products for us as well as keeping up with I'm sure CONSTANT emails all concerned or curious send him.

    Thanks again Peter!
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
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  2. TylerJarvis
    Anyone buy these cables used on the forums? Do they seem like they can hold up over time or should i just buy new>?
  3. Whazzzup
    They hold up well. The wear points are connectors so hp probably better than iem...but that depends on individual use. Peter does repair work as well.
  4. TylerJarvis
    Thanks for the reply. Seems like the cable to go with then
  5. ExpiredLabel
    I bought my IC and Iem prion4 cable used. Unfortunately the IC was damaged along with my main player... Long story short Peter has said he will repair the Prion4 Iem cable when needed. However, in the case of the IC he basically said I should opt for the comp4 IC as a replacement... Initially I was disappointed with that as the whole reason I wanted these two cables, was so I knew no coloration would be in my system as well as the price of the comp4 is roughly half of what I paid for the prion4 interconnect and I happen to have a headphone conditioner I feel would have minimized interference. Peter did assure me though, that the comp4 has better shielding and would be better for the job of a IC. Trusting the mad hatter behind his creations I did not object, I just wish I wouldn't have damaged the prion4 interconnect so I could have tested it with the IEM cable for the intended purpose.

    On the plus side the IC should be finished up soon and I'm very much looking forward to testing with the dita dream on your with the prion4 cable. Should be juicy:ksc75smile:
  6. Loose-Leaf
    I recently took delivery of my headphone cable , 3 months was a long wait however I will be a repeat customer,
  7. ExpiredLabel
    Out with the old in with the new..

    Thanks Peter!!
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  8. meomap
    What is it?
  9. ExpiredLabel
    Comp4, replacing a prion4 that was damaged sadly.

    The one on the right is a IC that came with the Nakamura headphone conditioner.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2017
  10. meomap
    So, that one is 3.5 to 3.5 mm mini to mini?
  11. ExpiredLabel
    2.5 mm to 3.5mm, my apologies for not specifying.
  12. meomap
  13. AnotherSpin
    My cable (Symbiote SP 4-wire) was build in one week. Order was placed at Sept 22 and I received a message from Peter the cable is ready to be sent at Oct 1. Cable was delivered to my door today after a week journey over half of the world - I live in Ukraine. After couple of hours listening I can only say I am very happy with the sound. DH cable works magically with my Noble Encores. I will have no reservations to order again.
  14. Whazzzup
    wow times are a changing
  15. Loose-Leaf

    I sent my cable in for a re~termination mid August, no word , no reply to a recent email ,.....
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