1. tjcaustin

    DHC Clone Silver mmcx to 4.4mm SOLD

    DHC Clone Silver 4ft in length. Titanium splitter, cinch, 4.4mm shell. MMCX to 4.4mm rhodium. I used it with a pair of rai penta and a dx160. Just moving away from IEMs for portable use so don't need this anymore. $450 obo SOLD Selling Rai Penta and dx160 as well. Will package for a deal...
  2. F

    Double Helix Cables Thread

    Hello.  I wanted to start this thread because I've done business with Double Helix Cables (owner is Peter Bradstock) and it's been a pleasure.   I have his Symbiote IEM cable and mini-to-mini interconnect, and he just made me a USB LOD cable to connect my iPod to my CLAS.  He normally doesn't...

    Grado re-cable: Where to start?

    I have a couple of Grado 'phones that I would like to upgrade the wiring on. Nothing crazy, just a step up. Any suggestions where to look for the cables would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Double Helix Cables Clone Balanced Cable

    Double Helix Cables Clone Balanced Cable

    The Clone is a compromise on the uncompromising Double Helix Cables Complement balanced cable. Available for Sennheiser headphones, it features two separate XLR headphone cables - one for each channel - that are individually dampened, shielded, and sleeved to fully isolate the left and right...