Double Helix Cables Thread

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  1. Whazzzup
    prion 4 all the way! :beyersmile:
    Last edited: May 12, 2017
  2. jean-luc
    I use a complément 4 fusion for 3months with mines ether c flow. It doesn't change the Sound level like a new dac or amp but improvements are so clear to me. It's Just so more realistic, better résolution, dynamics, détails, space, it's push up to the next level.

    thanks to P Bradstock.
  3. chaiyuta
    Did anyone tried DHC Symbiote Elite 19 2-pin CIEM cable yet? Could you share impression?
  4. Steen Pihl
    I have just revieved mine and what a purchase! It took me a couple of years to fully understand all those fancy words & ways that the good people that reviews the stuff, use there, but I will give it my best shot!
    From the very first moment you put some of your favorite tracks on, you're not in any doubt, that this is a great cable! It leaves you with the conviction that you get everything possible! Im pretty sure that now it's up to the IEM, HOW well delivered your music will be served!
    Bass, midrange, treble and the highest notes, all get a better delivery. To MY ears anyway! But it's very clear that this cable is an upgrade from the previous silver cable (symbiote SP V3 OCC silver type 4 litz) from The Great Peter of Double Helix Cables!
    I can't stop smiling when listning! It's thicker and more precent, but it's SO entertaining! This comes highly recommended!
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  5. Whazzzup
    darn the new two pin launched after my boxing day order for v3 was shipped. oh well have the prion 4 so yes id belly up to what ever is best cable and pay the bills later. in my case ill live.
  6. chaiyuta
    Great to know that there is confirmation for an actual customer that Elite19 is really superior than Symbiote SP V3 in every aspect. Then I can skip symbiote SP V3 and I need time to collect my money for the true flagship model. More question. How do you think about flexibility of Elite 19 and Symbiote SP V3? Do they have any memory or spring effect?
  7. BatToys
    I see some Audio Cable brands like Brimar, Toxic,... advertise that the purity of silver used for their cables is 7N. But another famous brand, Double Helix cables keep insisting that 6N silver is the highest purity in the world with reliable evidences from Acrotec. I am quite confused and dont know who to trust. Does anyone have the most reliable evidences about the purity of silver, which indicates that 6N, 7N or 8N does exist or not?
    Ảnh chụp Màn hình 2017-06-14 lúc 22.24.14.png Ảnh chụp Màn hình 2017-06-14 lúc 23.15.26.png Ảnh chụp Màn hình 2017-06-15 lúc 00.33.08.png
  8. Whazzzup
    It's about the construction of the litz cables, type 4 or type 6, the braid, awg etc... the proof is in the listening so try em all and let us know. All I know is peters best cables are his best cables, worth the price and wait. Course maybe someone with an audio engineering degree or mineral electrical engineering degree could help us out.
  9. JML
    Here are two photos of my new Double Helix Molecule SE balanced cable for Oppo PM-3 and my Sony NW-WM1A. As you can see from my signature, I also have a DH balanced cable to use these headphones with my Oppo HA-1. I cannot report on sound-based comparisons I can make with other balanced cables, but the difference between the unbalanced stock cables and the DH balanced cables is striking, beyond the increase in volume from the additional available power. The visible quality of Peter Bradstock's assembly is outstanding (but, of course, I have not opened up the connectors!).


    Last edited: Jun 20, 2017
  10. gwompki
    Anyone have any experience ordering parts from DHC? I ordered a couple of Eidolic plugs on Sunday that were listed as in stock. No shipment notice yet. I sent an email asking for an update yesterday with no response. Wasn't sure if this was normal or not. Maybe he only goes to the PO once a week or so. I'm not worried yet, just wondering how long I should expect it to take. I'm re-terminating a set for myself and a friend...friend is getting antsy not knowing when I will ship his back to him :)
  11. gwompki
    Got the shipping notice today along with a tracking number. Phew. Was getting fairly worried. Emailed Wednesday asking when it would ship and never heard back.
  12. Whazzzup
    Sometimes the email is what it takes
  13. edwardsean
    Hi. I'm looking at Peter's ultrashort adapters. I was wondering does anyone know if the cable build times also apply to adapters or do they ship sooner?
  14. fiascogarcia
    I can only go by memory, but I think when I ordered a hypershort adapter, it took a couple of weeks, whereas cable order was several months. That was a couple of years ago, so circumstances may have changed since. Now that I think about it, that wasn't much help, was it?
  15. cykelvin
    I just contacted DHC as I need them to build a Triple Threat adapter. I was told the wait time is about couple of months. I would assume ultrashort adapters is the same
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