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The land of ice & snow
Air traffic controller

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100+ Head-Fier, Male, from The land of ice & snow

It all starts with a great recording Aug 3, 2017

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    The land of ice & snow
    Air traffic controller
    Flying ,,... concerts ,,.. playing piano ,... Amateur palaeontology since the age of 7.,,,Hiking,..Shooting hand guns and rifles since the age of 10 a great stress reliever,..Food friends & laughs
    Headphone Inventory:
    Audeze 2 sold Audeze 3F sold , uncomfortable , unit to unit performance variations the 3F not worth the selling price.
    Focal Alear I found mediocre performance not only through the HE-9 including the MZ2S ,,.sold them off

    I wasn't about to spend 4 to 5 grand on headphones alone just to get satisfaction I was ready to give up on headphones and purchase high efficiency studio speakers until I heard the offerings of ZMF.

    certainly not perfect however nothing irritable that stands out which I can easily ignore minor flaws , comfortable and a real joy to sit back and get lost in the music with and that's all I want .

    Newly arrived ZMFs Eikon on a 30 day trial ,..,.Like em
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    My short journey using headphones for the first time started in 2016, Being away from home 4 days a week I wanted something decent but not too expensive however most importantly something resolving , reliable and at the same time fun to listen too......

    Condo system First step ..Audio Ag HE-9 my first preamplifier with headphone inputs ,.
    The HE-9 could be a Very serious contender in its price category if Kingwa the builder address the units sterility / lack of musicality , soulist that for me quickly lead to a uninvolving total disconnect to the music ,,.Sold ,Linear Tube Audio MZ2-S was purchased with the idea of driving high efficiency speakers, however I’m glad I bought the MZ2S slightly used ,...hmmm ,...Anyway ZMFs Eikon headphones Sound good , very good . Next up will be a new preamp with headphone or headphone amplifier with speaker taps ,.New arrival AmpandSound Mogwai SE fully loaded amplifier that is a heavenly match with the ZMF Eikon headphones , among other things it has the best sub bass I have experienced,.
    Source Inventory:
    Condo system primarily headphone use, Current PS Audio Direct Stream Memory Player with PS Audio Direct Stream DAC senior,.New arrival Denafrips Terminator Dac that really did terminate the more expensive PS Audio Dac ,
    Cable Inventory:
    Condo system Headphone cables ,Toxic Cable Venom purchased used sold,Double Helix Molecule Elite Silver,
    Power-Related Components:
    PS Audio P5 condo system and second P5 for home system front end components only,.PS Audio P5 replaced by Akiko Audio conditioner and Furutech Etp 60 power distribution.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Home system , Esoteric KO3X SACD ,
    Class'e Audio 350 mono block amplifiers , updated and modified ,
    Class'e Audio preamp modified , vintage Sansui TUx-1
    Focal Maestro Utopia 3 speakers, pair of REL S5 subwoofers , though I sometimes mis analog playback I don’t mis the fuss and work that went along with it .
    Music Preferences:
    Classic Rock , Jazz , Blues , classical , Big Band , movie sound tracks 1950s era onward and some so called alternative music what ever that means
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