Double Helix Cables Thread

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  1. normie610
    Perhaps they have some idle ready stocks, so it only took a week. Just checked their website, they have revised the previous 3 months delivery time to 4 weeks or less for new cables. Great news indeed.
  2. kubig123
    did anybody have a chance to try the Symbiote Elite 19 cable for iem?
    it looks amazing, but I'm afraid it's too heavy and not very comfortable.
  3. DSlayerZX
    Has anyone heard from Double Helix lately?

    I sent in a cable for retermination six weeks ago, and so far all I got was radio silence from them even though I sent a few follow-up email.
  4. meomap
    Ordered IC since July. Emailed to edit from SE to BAL config. Also, asked for connector replacement because my 2.5mm was broken.
    Radio silence at this point.
    Probably too busy.
    He needs to hire and train more people to do the stuff. I don't think he can handle by himself and his wife as a company.
  5. rayhe19
    Yikes, I should have checked here before placing my order. I ordered some wires on Nov 8th and they are still "processing".
  6. pippen99
    Don't think that should worry you. I received my cable about two months ago and it still is listed as "In Processing".
  7. ExpiredLabel
    Always better to just message and be patient. If for some reason he doesn't answer don't assume it's on purpose. Peter has always been quite expedient when I've done business with him. Even with a small termination job...just my 2 cents
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  8. rayhe19
    About how soon after you ordered did you get a shipping confirmation? So far my credit card has been charged but I haven't gotten any info and it's been more than a week. I thought the wires were "BACK IN STOCK. ORDER NOW FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT."
  9. AnotherSpin
    My order was "In Processing" all the time, and then one day I received a message from Peter notifying order is ready for shipment - I asked to write before shipment. My order was processed very fast, and I believe there is no fixed time for different type of work or different type of products from DHX, some take much less time than others to be ready. The building process is similar to work of an artist, you never know when it will be finished. I had an experience with dedicated Linear PSU from Paul Hynes - it is normal to wait from 6 to 12 months before shipment and Mr.Hynes answers rare e-mails if any.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2017
  10. pippen99
    In my correspondence with Peter he quoted me an eight week build time. It was an actual ten week build which is in the ballpark. This was before the message on the home page changed to the " four week" estimate. I am very happy with my cable, well worth the wait and not out of line with other cable purchases I have made.
  11. DSlayerZX
    Has anyone hear from Peter lately?

    I tried to contact him a few times since the end of September but didn’t get any response from him.

    I know a person can get busy and fall behind on deadline… but complete silence for about 2 and half month is a bit much.
  12. pippen99
    I emailed about a Black Friday purchase and got a same day response.
  13. DSlayerZX
    Then it's either you have a fortunate one that got q quick response lately...

    or I am black listed.
  14. muziq
    You're blacklisted. We were all wondering when you'd figure it out.

    J/K. Just email Peter again. Holidays and stuff...probably just behind or missed it somewhere.
  15. AnotherSpin
    I am not trying to advocate Peter's style of communicating with clients, merely hinting on importance of remembering he is a real person just like anybody else, us included. Do we reply all e-mails, business and private in timely manner? Or do we met all and every deadline? Yes, I understand the difference between client and business owner, but, again, DHC is a home based tiny enterprise run by a person who may have a lot of other occupations besides answering mails or building cables. Please, have a little patience, and it will be rewarded, for sure!)
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