DIY Planar magnetic heapdhones in details

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  1. xantiema
    I doubt people will take money for reviewing a DIY project that looks promising, and the views could generate enough alone for it to be an incentive for them. I could be wrong though.
  2. I g o r
    Send samples for review to Tyll, from Inner Fidelity.
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  3. GREQ
    Considering this is one of, if not the most exciting DIY project (to be made commercial) ever; going straight near the top of the foodchain is a good idea.
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  4. ToroFiestaSol
    My personal advice is send them to Tyll.
    Z reviews kept an Eikon for mmm like one entire year, avoid like the plague (he also doesn't know a schiit about audio).
    Try to achieve clean CSD (no ortho wall), neutral frequency response and low distortion, and subjectively natural sound quality, put a realistic price and it will sell very well.
    The problem with planars is that, every model has FR anomalies like dips or treble spikes and strong ringing in the 4-5khz region, the only planar headphone that doesn't exhibit that behavior is the Audio Zenith PMx2, which is a super modded Oppo PM-2 that sells for 1.8k.

    Good products shill themselves, I would try to avoid "paid" Head-fi reviews and Zeos, just send them to Tyll :)

    That's my opinion, good luck with your project :)
  5. biggbenn74
    Just stumbled across this thread, it's been an interesting read. Hope these end up in the right hands for a review. Who knows, maybe one day a lot of us Head-Fiers will be rocking these.

    Love the finish on them too.
  6. xantiema
    Tyll from Inner Fidelity would be on high up there if I have a priority list :o2smile:
  7. leeperry
    Well this guy went alu:

    But he only provides 1y warranty, they cost a grand IIRC and the usual problem with those niche orthos is that they are fragile, replacing the drivers after warranty ran out costs a bundle and every few months they'll come up with newer revs that kill resale value. No matter how good they'd sound, these are major buzz killers.
  8. Garuspik
    Thanks for your advice. I'll try to contact Tyll.
    About membranes in my planars - i've constructed them keeping in mind that membrane is some sort of consumable. It's easy to replace and rather cheap. Self cost for me is about 30$ for pair.
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  9. manishex
    I concur with this, Tyll recently posted how he reviews headphones in a video which is quite nice.
    On the other hand, Z reviews always makes me cringe, he's been doing lo-fi gear for a long time, the type that says cables make no difference without trying then a year later custom cables everything.
    He also seems like the type that listens to a headphone for a few secs on his mediocre gear and comes to a conclusion which he rants about for 20 mins incoherently.
    Therefore it's no surprise his reviews don't really match what pages and pages of headfi have said, his "wall of fame" seems to be very personal.
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  10. leeperry
    Having a Z review with his head-cam in his slummy place certainly won't help to anything, Tyll & Jude are your guys if they are willing to help.
  11. rikk009
    Zeos had a fanbase which thinned out pretty quick as they started calling his bluff. Actually, folks nowadays prefer to watch videos rather than read a review, that was his claim to fame but now we have more sensible people making good audio reviews on YT.

    Let's not derail this thread, keeping an eye on this project. I get pretty excited whenever I see a new post in here. If I can find out a way to make the membrane will try it out.
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  12. Garuspik
    Hooray! Finally today I've assembled a complete unit. Will try to contact top reviewers. Maybe they will be interested in reviewing.
    P1013780.jpg P1013781.jpg
  13. leeperry
    What are the L & V for ? How much does it weight ?
  14. xantiema
    That looks fabulous :beyersmile:
  15. Garuspik
    L - left, on the other cup is R.
    V is Verum, same as on grill.
    From Latin Verum is truth. When I gave this name to headphones I meant not only truthful sound but also that I have no secrets and will answer any question about any detail of headphones construction.
    Weight - 520 grams without cable.
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