DIY Planar magnetic heapdhones in details

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  1. Garuspik
    Mandrake, really good question! I take glass and water. Then I moisten glass and put TWO future diaphragms on wet glass.
    Here is photo of future left and right channels on dry glass.

    Then I take credit card ( I recommend Visa Infinite or at least Platinum :ksc75smile: ) and start removing air bubbles under the film. They are clearly visible. Once no single air bubble under the diaphragm I glue spacers on both channels and then cut off excess film.
    After assembling to be sure everything is right I measure resonance frequency of both channel. Difference is about 3 Hz only.
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  2. mandrake50
    Quite innovative. Do you just eyeball the location of that spacer or use a jig or something to accurately locate it?

    Looking at the pictures it looks quite good.
  3. Garuspik
    No need of jig. See round circles on membrane? That's marks that i need to combine with holes on spacer. When i see all those circles from holes of spacers - that's it, correct position.
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  4. 100VoltTube
    huh, so you don't need to tension the diaphragm at all?

    Cool new 'phones by the way.
  5. Garuspik
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  6. xantiema
    This is way too cool, new to head-fi, but loving this project. Can't wait for the final result :D
  7. manishex
    Can I buy this headphone already? ^_^
  8. Garuspik
    I must say 'no'. What If I've created some awful sounding headphones? I want to sell my headphones only after I receive some reviews and better to let people listen to them before they buy. Maybe some moneyback but it's hard to arrange across the ocean.

    Trying to be honest with head-fi society. My goal is not to sell several pieces and left people disappointed. Call this vainglory, but I want to be proud of my work and know that buyer will listen to them and not just store on a shelf.

    Next week I should finish first headphones as they should look and work in a small scale production. Then I plan to ask for reviews from several well-known headphone reviewers. I hope they would be interested.
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  9. xantiema
    Can't wait, godspeed!
  10. chinsettawong
    I wish you success, Garuspik.
  11. mandrake50
    Yes, good luck. If you need a volunteer, that is me. The only issue is that I am an engineer, not a poet...
  12. Sonifonic
    Hi Garuspik,

    I suggest another way to you have a product to sell and continue developed your headphone. You could try to find a chinese headphone to use as a donor, like supelux hd-330 ou some wood headphone from alibaba express, then you develop a 3D print model for internal parts and provide files to download, finally you sell a assembled membrane with frame and custom magnets.

    Your customer will be able to print parts, buy this chinese headphone, then put everything together and enjoy a planar headphone for a good price, your responsibility cover only the membrane, it is easy and cheap to send mail post office.

    Good luck.
  13. Garuspik
    Same as me :wink:

    Oh no, that was my first idea to take some parts from Chinese headphones.
    Unfortunately, no cup suited my goal - the biggest possible membrane and magnet system. So I've made with CNC several samples.

    Then I tried to use 3D printing. My magnet system is so powerful that broke into parts 3d printed models with 1.5mm thick wall.
    So everything in this headphones is made from scratch. Heart of the headphones is membrane + magnet system. Assembling is rather difficult and dangerous. My numerous bruises are witnesses :wink:
  14. Sonifonic

    Hi Garuspik,

    This article from innerfidelity has the methodology to analyze headphone response, I think the 300Hz test is the best, because even with ordinary microphone is possible to measure de headphone and validate the effects that you can found in the methodology, in my case the 50Hz test not seems correct, I think a dummy head microphone is needed to this test give the correctly results.

  15. WaffleIron
    These are shaping up incredibly well. Great work man.
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