DIY Planar magnetic heapdhones in details

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  1. mandrake50
    Looking real good !
  2. leeperry
    Any idea of the street price on these? At least we know you won't ask a grand for spare drivers :D

    Do they compete with the big boys?
  3. Garuspik
    My goal is to make affordable planars with big and dynamic sound. Price won't be more then 300$ + 30-40$ for shipping.
  4. Garuspik
    I don't want to describe sound of my creation. I prefer that another people will do this.
  5. Whitigir
    I say send it to @purk :)
  6. manishex
    Looks amazing :)
  7. chinsettawong
  8. WaffleIron
    Looks absolutely stunning my dude. Real good work. Would be super cool to see these sent to Tyll for measurement.
  9. rikk009
    You are a gem to the community and that's a really tempting price for your effort. Waiting for some genuine reviews to pop up. Fingers crossed.
  10. GREQ
    The final colour scheme probably won't fit everyone's taste, but I think it looks fantastic.
    Reminds me more of the style of the art-deco Morpheus amplifier, or something straight out of 1950's USA. Love it.
  11. Garuspik
    Thanks guys for encouragement. I'll have several colour schemes and show them soon.
    Contacted Tyll from Innerfidelity. Hope it would be interesting to him to listen what I've created.
  12. Moochibond
    Morning Garuspik,

    Congratulation on building what look like an expertly designed and engineered headphone.

    Like many here I’m very much looking forward to reading what the lucky reviewers who end up reviewing your headphone have to say with regard to build, sound etc.

    I would also be interested to know a little bit about your professional background, especially regarding how you developed such a broad skill set to be able to build this headphone?
  13. Garuspik
    About my background - i work in a company that is working in a field of plastic molding. And during this work I have relations with companies that have cnc machines, laser cutter, those who make pcb etc. Some of equipment we have in our company.
    I think you agree that this project can't be categorized as Do-it-yourself. In my case it's a Designed-by-myself + I know who will do what I've designed :wink:

    I'm rather experienced diy-er, but I prefer to make speakers and amplifiers and always did only for personal usage. Can show something if you want.
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  14. OldDude04
    Holy hell, those are beautiful! And at your planned price of only $300, you'd better be prepared for a ton of sales.
  15. chinsettawong
    I don’t need to read a reviewer’s review, and I’m sure they sound really good. Please put me down for your number one production pair. :wink:
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