DIY Cable Gallery!!
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hello guys,
 just want to share some of my diy IC's, re cables etc:
re-braid my tf10's lune cable with engrave on the Y slider, replaced with pailics plug stuffed with silicone sealant

mock up LOD with angled neutrik plug

modified fiio L3

assorted IC's

twin esw10

sr60 and ms1

koss porta pro

will add some more later 
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just a quick question guys : is there a specific sense in connecting the cable pins to your iems ? I have westone es cable, so there is one side of the connector with a blue/red dot. (to a reshelled TF10 flat socket)
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Here is the ultimate low profile switchcraft jack that I modded, the first picture shows a longer version and the second shows shows the jack next to the modded neutrik right angle jack that some use.


Parrots and Blackmoly, those are AWESOME. 

Here's a p.o.s. one that I did.  I don't have the time or skill for your kind of work, but I like it a lot anyway :wink:
iPhone 4 w/ no case is so super thin, but nothing will stick to it 
so this is the iPhone 4 - deconstructed iBasso T3d, high count silver wire LOD shielded then formed in some kind of sculpt-metal substance into solid form that holds the amp to the phone by itself.  Clear tape over board to protect circuitry.



Yes, it looks a little precarious, but it's worked great for the last 3 weeks.  I originally had the T3 mounted with velcro to a thin case, but even that was too thick for my front jacket pocket, where I like to keep it.  Even the T3 rubber banded without the velcro or case was too thick.  So this was a last ditch effort, I got the T3 down to something insane, like 4mm, and now the whole thing slides very comfortably into this thin front pocket and is easily accessed and protected from thieves and scoundrels :wink:  I can even change the volume without taking it out, since the digital rocker is on the side.
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@castlevania32 The red/blue dots should face upward when wearing them with customs so I'm not too sure how it works with the TF10, you can check with a multimeter on the stock cable to see which pins are signal and which are ground the do the dame with the ES cables so you can work out how to put them in but as far as I know, it does not really matter how it is done.

EDIT: just saw it's reshelled TF10 you have so you just have the dots facing up

thank you

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My first headphone recable!




4x20AWG wire
and a zip tie holding the cable in place :)
I had an aftermarket cable before but it was heavy and very stiff.
it was very hard to solder the cables to the tiny pins but I actually did better than expected- I thought when I would solder one cable and start soldering the other, the first would de-solder itself because of the heat since the pins are so close to each other. And I only have a really thick Weller iron :p
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That's the most brilliant idea ever! Thanks a million!

You're welcome. I bought the mini jack plug I after I saw your mini>mini so I guess we are even 


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