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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. audionewbi

    You can get such tones free on YouTube.
  2. ExpatinJapan
    Thanks, ease of use of an app is worth $1, imho.

    Anyway,.,..back to the DITA!

    Anyone have any comparisons to high end multi driver IEMS?
  3. Currawong Contributor
    At the moment, with the best recording I have, I reckon The Truth is only a bit behind the UERMs on my AK240 (though we're talking SE vs. balanced output on that unit). The Roxannes are similarly better (though I don't listen loud so the benefit of the extra driver headroom is probably lost on me). I tend to reach for the DITA mainly because the FR suits me and it is easier to pull out than the UERMs.
  4. audionewbi
    I wish someone doees the FR chart for dita truth. It suits my ears a lot.
  5. Sauntere
    Can anyone tell me if the Westone Star Tips will fit on the DITAs sound bore. It says that those tips are for narrow bore IEMs and the DITAs are narrower than my other sets but the pictures of the star tips look narrower still.
    Has anyone tried them ? 
  6. christrz

    Nope they definitely don't fit. I haven't tried but I have true fit and star tips on hand and they are much narrower than the nozzle bore.
  7. witty1
    Comply T400 should work
  8. Sauntere
    Damn that's a shame because i think i'm going to need something that shape and length to get a perfect seal. I really don't like any kind of foam tip. 
    Foam tips irritate my ears. They itch and get sore. With Silicon tips i can wash them and get any residue off before insertion.
  9. lookingforIEMs

    Try and make some custom tips?
  10. WCDchee
    Perhaps you could try the double flanges? Pull your ear up and back to straighten the ear canal then insert it. If the length is the issue the double flanges might just solve that problem :)
  11. ExpatinJapan
    Sony hybrids gave me a solid fit. They are silicon on the outside with foam inside. Best of both worlds.
  12. Sauntere
    So far a large double flange is giving me the best fit but still not perfect.  Thanks for the suggestions all.
  13. christrz
    Just did an AB with the K3003s, and I'm still firmly enamored by the DITAs. Vocals sound more realistic, and bass seems lighter on the DITAs. It seems as if the DITAs are more detailed as well, but that could be due to the poorer isolation on the AKGs and busy listening environment. Just quick impressions!
  14. Overkill Red
    So where are you guys buying your Sony Hybrid tips?
    Trying to find some large-size sets, but so far it seems like Amazon is the only place.
  15. audionewbi
    Haven't tried the hybrid yet but by the look of it the bore is the same size as the blue tip dita provides. The silicon mix of sony has always been the highest quality among all the rest, I will surely try it tomorrow and report back.
    Has anyone had a chance to demo the dita with wagnus amplifiers?
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