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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. WCDchee

    The truth cable is stiffer and tougher and more prone to memory effects. As for micro phonics I heard it has less than the fat cable. As for sound sig I find the non truth version warmer and fuller. The truth version has more air and extension and clarity , at least to many who have tried it. I personally found the truth to be a bit hollow, but most impressions don't quite match my opinion on this. Most impressions seem to find the truth having a larger soundstage and deeper extension as well.

    I personally find the midrange of the dots to be a tad too recessed at times when listening to certain vocal tracks. This I would pick something with a smooth sweet and more pronounced midrange like the fitears (if memory serves me right). The JH13s also have a very special midrange tone which I cannot quite pinpoint, and I do not know if I would enjoy it in the long run. But it does seem like an interesting choice with an expansive soundstage and impressive imaging.

    Another option you might consider would be the heaven V or VI. I personally preferred the V as it sounded fuller. Or the Lab 1s which really sounded special to my ears. Again, I do not know if it would be endearing in the long run, but it is very special, and I would love to have more time with it too. The midrange isn't as natural as the ditas or the fitears, But it is unique.

    Having said all these, these suggestions would hold only if the midrange is what you might find lacking on the ditas. To me, everything else on the ditas are simply class leading.
  2. Idsynchrono_24

    Hey WCD, very useful impressions for those reading. Can I request that you elaborate a touch more on the DITA compared to the LAB? I've got a friend whom I've been sharing impressions with and his phone of choice is the LAB. I've not heard the LAB, so any comparisons between the two would be of use. Thank you in advance
  3. woodcans
    Yes, thank you WCDchee, very helpful.
    An x2 for that.
  4. WCDchee
    Well. In my opinion, having heard many of the FAD models including the piano fortes, I honestly feel that the answer would best any of them anyday. If I had to pick one earphone, it would be the answer because nothing that I have tried does as many things as well as the answer. To be fair I didn't get a proper listen on the piano fortes, but they merely sounded like a dark muddy mess to me. As for their BA iems, none of the single driver models would come close to the ditas. The lab 1's stand out as their best iem to me, but still, the lack the refinement and extension on both ends, even the mids, which are what catches my attention, are merely different and unique, I wouldn't say that they were real and natural like the ditas. They do have lots of air and an expansive soundstage, but they just aren't in the same league as the ditas. They sound special, but that's it. At least that's how I feel :)
  5. Idsynchrono_24
    Ruh roh! My feathered friend is not gonna like the sound of that :wink: if he gets the DITA and hate, hate, hates them, methinks heads are gonna roll. :wink:

    I do agree that the DITAs are something else thus far. They're simply a pleasure for me to listen to. The PFs are very polarizing phones. You'll either love them or hate them, doesn't seem to be much room for greyness there. With the proper material, they're simply airy, ethereal and effortless. There's this intrinsic connection to the essence of the music that I greatly enjoy, rather than the fixation on the phone's aural characteristics. Other times you feel as if you've walked into a funhouse and everything's topsy turvy. Definitely not for everyone
  6. WCDchee
    I think FAD earphones and headphones sound different in general. If accurate sonic production is what you are looking for, the FADs simply will not do IMO. There are tonnes of earphones at a fraction of the prices of the top FADs that, to me give more accurate reproductions of the music than the FAD phones. However, they are tuned in a way that gives them all a unique sound that you will not find anywhere outside that line of earphones. And if that character is what you like then no phone will be able to best the FADs in your books. But at the price of the Lab 1s, I would very much rather look elsewhere. The answer isnt even half the price of the Lab 1s. Given that money, I could probably get both the answer and a second hand parterre if i'm patient enough and search hard enough. And that, to me, is a far better deal than the Lab 1.
  7. shsh
    I think Dita is lacking shimmering highs from FAD Heaven 6 and the mid bass of Kaede.
    Dita is really good for the mids.
    Edit: Sorry whats the LAB1? Clueless! lol
  8. WCDchee
    The lab 1 is the new dual BA FAD earphone. I feel that the FADs are generally very coloured earphones, and that might give the shimmering perception in the highs. But if you take time to settle into the dita sound, you would realise that the heaven 6 just arent anywhere near as clean and uncoloured sounding as the ditas. Besides, listening to highly dynamic orchestral pieces, i feel that the ditas high end clarity is far beyond that of the heaven 6. That and they extend much further. The heaven 6 may be more shimmering in the highs, but i feel that the ditas are more accurate. Just my opinion though! :)
  9. fnkcow
    The DITA to some is musical yet analytical at the same time. Any ideas of the closest IEM that resembles the DITA in sound?
  10. shsh
    Yes i understand what you mean, but sometimes the Dita is just lacking in some department. Nevertheless, it's still a very very good IEM.
  11. Idsynchrono_24
    I personally think it sounds quite a bit like the Zero Audio Tenore. Very similar in timbre, clarity, smoothness of sound and wideness of presentation. Perhaps even uncomfortably so. All you folks who've got the gear lust but not the fundage, go spring for some Tenores and leave this crazy place. Your wallet will thank you 
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  12. WCDchee
    Yep i get it. There's just something about the FADs that make me want to own a pair. I don't know if its the way they look or sound or something but they're rather special :)
  13. fnkcow
    Keep us updated how your feathered friend loves (or loathes) the DITA compared to the K3003 [​IMG]
    UnityIsPower likes this.
  14. Winno
    Very insightful thread, especially the last couple of pages.
    Thanks to those contributing.
    I've put off buying my next car audio processor upgrade to save up for some Ditas now.
    Anyone wanna kidney?
  15. shigzeo Contributor
    To complement the Dita? What do you want the IEM for? Do you want one that is more secure, yet good-sounding, for sports? Do you want it to offset the sound of the Dita? If you can elaborate on what you mean by 'complement', I think a number of us could better help you. Personally, I find the Dita to be perfect to my preferences, but would prefer it to sit more securely in the ear. My wife can't fit it in her ear. By sound, the Dita is a very even, honest earphone, with great bass definition that isn't over puffed. Rather, it compensates a bit for the earphone's lack of body impact by giving a rounder, fuller, more detailed bass than some earphones. It is not puffy or bloomy, which is great.
    Rather organic, but not too organic. So... if I were to find an earphone that would 'complement' its sound, it would be something either tripped up for bass or mids, something tuned for a specific frequency. If I were to pick an earphone that just complemented the Dita for fit, it would be something like a Westone UM3x or a custom earphone or a Shure, but lose the nasty stock cable. 
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