1. D

    SOLD: Dita Audio The Answer Platinum

    Two Years ago, I was at the CanJam Europe in Essen (Germany) and I checked out the DITA Audio „The Answer“. I was flashed by its wonderful build and brilliant Sound. A few months later I bought them in Germany but now i noticed, that i use them too less. So I decided to sell them and give...
  2. Carlsan

    Dita Answer - for sale SOLD

    Up for sale are a pair of hardly used Dita Answer - the non-truth version. Bought these off of the forums some months back, liked them then saw a deal on the Truth version. Preferred the truth version, even as they are on the bright side. Thought of keeping both, but got to raise some cash.  ...
  3. ExpatinJapan

    DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

      I received a set of DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition) from the designers in late October.   My first impressions were very positive but I wanted to give them a bit time to `loosen up`.   There are two choices of DITA `The Answer` and `The Answer - Truth edition`. The difference is in the...
  4. DITA Audio The Answer

    DITA Audio The Answer

    The Answer was designed entirely from the ground up with one simple goal in mind, to be the finest sounding, most luxurious, universal fit earphones available today. To achieve that, we had to rethink and scrutinize every single component in the audio path. From the 3.5mm TRS connector, cable...