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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I use these clones, they're decent quality silicon. If I remember rightly you can choose all the same size when leaving a note at the check out.

  2. shsh
    I really like the Dita The Answer, I tried the VE4 which is the only BA IEM that makes me like it after listening to DITA. (only auditioned, did not have it) . I did not have the chance to try VE6 and roxanne yet.
    Have been using alot of dynamic IEMs. I find my Heaven 6 sounds more like a dynamic than a BA. I just ordered a Ocharaku Donguri, I hope it sound great too.
    Will post some comparisons in the future when i received my Donguri (Dita the truth vs Kaede vs Donguri). I have not auditioned it before, nor heard of any impressions of it. Anyone knows?
  3. Idsynchrono_24
    There are very few impressions on the Donguri, but I do remember coming across some impressions that state that it sounds more natural than the Flat-4 family, but loses out resolution (which is a hallmark of the F-4 family). I'm really enjoying the DITA as of late. Just got the GEEK in yesterday so it makes A/Bing phones a bit easier.

    I'm still experimenting with tips at the moment as I'm struggling to find a set that maintains an optimal seal (the angle and length of the nozzle is a little severe). So far though, the smooth, dense (really great note weight throughout the spectrum) and detailed sound make for a very engaging and fatigue free listen. The Answer really reminds me of the Tenore in timbre, but more tactile and vivid with its imaging
  4. WCDchee
    I've compared the non truth version to many of the top flagship universal IEMs and CIEMs such as the fitears, JH, Roxanne, Noble, UM, Sennheiser, AKG, Vision ears, and IMO, the answer is easily comparable to all of these top end IEMs. Perhaps these multi BA IEMs do certain things better, for one, the fitears in particular do have a more well defined midrange, but none of these IEMs have either the extension to compete with the ditas, or natural realism of tone. Yes, even the cheaper version without the Van Den Hul cable upgrade.

    Personally, I listen to a lot of classical music, thus, the full range extension on both ends is really important to me and I guess the answer has a large advantage here. Perhaps on vocal tracks many of these multi BA IEMs could perform slightly better due to the BAs inherent ability to perform well at the midrange, However, in terms of top end extension and low end bass slam, the answer is truly on another level. The bass is powerful, tight, well extended, yet immaculately controlled, giving the full, mellow, and natural tone to the various instruments when the music calls for it. Imaging and soundstage are very good as well, and very natural indeed, especially when paired with the right sources and amplification. In terms of details, the answer doesn't lose out one bit as well.

    In fact, the answer is perhaps one of the most natural and organic sounding IEMs I've heard to date. Yes, the UM miracle has a more immense soundstage, but it just sounds thin and unnatural in comparison. The JH13 has a really unique midrange tone that gives for a really interesting listening experience, coupled with a wide soundstage. The fitears have a sweet, well defined and strong midrange. The k3003s come close with lots of energy in the upper mids, but compared to the answer, they lack the full bodied low end and that extra energy in the upper midrange sometimes translates into a bit of shoutiness, Basically, many of these IEMs do perform better in the answer in a couple of ways, but at the end of the day, if I had to pick one pair, I would go with the answer any day, for they sound far more natural at everything they do. In fact, listening to orchestral pieces from the Living Stereo, the answer literally made me feel like I was there, at the concert hall. It's the tone. It's that real. It's that good.

    In fact, when the makers were designing the answer, they had one goal in mind, to be able to emulate a well tuned 2 channel speaker setup. And I must say that they have succeeded. If you ever get a chance to hear them, remember, though, that these are NOT earphones that would jump out at you on the first listen. Compared to the fitears, or the JH IEMs, for example, they do not have that wow factor on first listen. In fact, had I not known that other people who grew to love them had the exact same sentiments, I would not have made myself sit down and continue to listen to them. However, the more you listen, the more it grabs you. The woody tone of the strings, the energy in the violins, the alacrity and lightness in the guitars, and more than anything, they sound so real. Give it time, sit down and let it grow on you, and I guarantee that it won't disappoint! :)
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  5. shigzeo Contributor
    The Dita Answer is one of the very best earphones I've ever used. Fit is more secure with different designs out there, but sound is incredible. Incredible.
  6. shsh
    May i know which Geek are you using and how is the synergy with Dita? Mine has not shipped yet, I got the Geekout 450. Also waiting for the geek pulse. Currently I'm using Fostex HP-A4 and Sony ZX1 as source.
  7. audionewbi
    I wanted to ask you this a while back when I read your review on them, what do you consider an A class IEM? 
  8. Idsynchrono_24
    Excellent post WCD! I agree that the DITA absolutely holds its own against any phone I've heard to date, and I actually prefer it to just about everything save for the FX850, which edges it out in timbre

    The 450. It's an excellent pairing I think. Its sound is comparable to my Sony F886. Possibly a bit more clarity and fullness there, separation and soundstaging seem improved compared to the F886. I only listened to it for awhile last night, but first impressions are positive. I know the F886 and the ZX1 share identical circuitry so you should be pleased
  9. shigzeo Contributor
    I have a few IEMs that I consider top class:
    Shure SE846
    FitEar ToGo!334
    FitEar Parterre
    Ocharaku Kaede/KURO
    Dita The Answer (both editions)
    none of the above are in any particular order. And they all sound distinct, but each one brings something special to the game, whether sound, or engineering, or both.
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  10. shsh
    Alright thanks, I'm looking forward to it!
  11. Sauntere
    Terrific post and i would agree with everything you have said. I was worried about the mid range for a while but either my ears have adjusted or the burn in really works. Slowly but surely it has come relatively forward and now sounds terrific,clear and detailed. 
    I love the bass on these, it is fast. 
    Also previous to the THE ANSWER i was mainly listening to Nobles N4 4 BA driver phone so i guess the whole mid range being recessed thing was also a little due to the difference in presentation with that phone.
    The ANSWER is growing on me and i can say now is my best and favorite set. Not that i have owned any other top of the line models unless you count the N4. My previous dynamic driver model was the Sennheiser IE80 so yeah, a big step up from that.
  12. WCDchee
    I've auditioned the JVC wood series recently, albeit a short audition. From what I remember, the 650s didn't cut it. Overly shouty. The 750s I actually really liked, even more so than the 850s, as they felt more mellow. However, at that point in time the 850s werent burnt in. When i heard he 850s again after burn in, then seemed to mellow out more but i didnt compare them to the 750s again so i can't be completely sure. I guess enough has been said about them, wide soundstage, airy, unique woody timbre, and all in all a rather detailed yet fun sounding IEM. Yet in comparison to the answer, the answer just felt much cleaner and clearer with a blacker background.
  13. audionewbi
    The thing with Dita sound signature, once you have it in your mind it is hard to listen to anything else. Will I sale my other stuff? Will no as I've learned in this hobby variety is the key as no matter how good something sounds we will get bored of it but boy for most of the other time I have the dita on my ears. 
    I only swap between FAD VI and Dita truth IEM for most of my listening. I have not still got into the world of headphone and doubt I will. I got the T5p and TH900 (and few other mid-range headphone) and I will admit that under better setup maybe the TH900 and T5p can out shine most of my IEM but using HUGO I honestly think dita truth scaled up quiet alot more compared to both T5p and TH900. 
    I honestly can say Dita truth has stopped me from making few IEM purchasing, it make me question my purchase as I knew I have found the signature that leaves me satisfied, that is something that I did not had before making the purchase of dita. 
    I think dita tuning is first and foremost is for listening, it has the ability to become an IEM one can use for analytical listening but for one to be able to do that we must change our source for it. This is the main characteristic of Dita that has kept me very happy. I've never had a gear that can sound both musical and monitor like at the same time. Almost all other IEM can only be changed so much (without submitting to EQing which tends to not always work). Dita can remain musical if your source is like that (ODAC+627x) or it can remain monitor like (ODAC+O2). It can even scale up alot more if you upgrade your source (ODAC+O2 vs HUGO). 
  14. woodcans
    What are the notable differences in both sound and cable (i.e. feel, microphonics, memory, etc.) between the standard and Truth editions?
  15. audiofrk
    what would you say would be a good iem to complement the dita?  (i.e. an iem that is strong where the dita is weak)
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