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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. robervaul
    So, we can say that Dita has the best cost-benefit  in relation K 3003 ?
  2. WCDchee
    Well... I would say that since i havent actually given the 3003s a proper listen. But honestly, at the prices we're looking at here nothing can really be considered as having great cost to benefit ratio.
  3. Idsynchrono_24
    I got a DITA comin which I may be able to compare to the K3K. I'm thinkin that the sigs will likely be pretty different though
  4. Ditti

    We welcome the comparisons with different products and we recognize that different folks will have different preferences. 
    With the Dita products, we strived to have a dynamic driver bass slam and impact that we feel more closely replicates the natural feel and sonics of such sounds while at the same time maintaining the speed, separation and accuracy of a top tier product.  Top to bottom coherence is critically important to us and we hope that folks will find this characteristic of Dita products to their liking. 
    Normally, we hesitate to class the Dita product as "In Ear Monitors" although we have heard from our office in Japan that a few sound engineers have picked them up for that use.
    Have fun and many thanks to our customers.
  5. Idsynchrono_24

    Apparently the DITA will be in tomorrow? That's what Fed Ex says anyhow. I've been impressed by your sales guy James so far. Extremely fast replies. In any case, I've got a plethora of phones to compare them to, so we'll see how they stack up. Very excited and hopeful though. Impressions here have painted a positive picture of what to expect
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  6. audionewbi
    To me they are on the same level if sound as TH900, i still believe with a better amp they have more room for improvement.
  7. Idsynchrono_24
    Just got the DITA in this morning. Absolutely commendable job from DITA so far. I'm blown away by the speed of dispatch, and the phones themselves. They are very, very quickly ascending the ladder for me, and are currently right there alongside the FX850 as my favorite overall phone. Time will tell whether they'll surpass the FX850, but it's been extremely promising thus far. 
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  8. Sauntere
    I received mine late afternoon yesterday. 
    Everything about this IEM exudes class from the packaging, cable, housings, they are  a very luxurious product. I put them straight in my ears and yes everyone is right, they need burning in. Straight out of the box they sounded thin and hollow but started to change very quickly.
    I have been feeding them music for about 14 hours now but i am not going to listen again for a few days.
    The service from the guys has been terrific, with a two day turnaround from payment to receiving them in Australia. All notifications were done really quickly as well. So far it is all a top class experience.
    Thank you Danny and Desmond.
  9. Sauntere
    I fibbed, had to have a quick listen before leaving for work.
    So after around 16 hours of burning in the bass needs to tighten up. The mid range seems a little recessed and soft too. No treble issues at all so far.
    Also the cable while obviously of very high construction quality, is a little on the stiff side and tends to curl a bit just as others have mentioned.
    I am not paying particular attention to the seal but the large single flange seems to suit me just fine. They seem to fit pretty snugly not protruding much at all.
  10. Ditti

    Dear Sauntere,
    We are excited that you are excited but try to be patient and give it a bit more time.  Dynamic drivers do need a fair bit more time to really open up.  This is especially true for the Truth cable version.  The points you have noted above should come into focus with quite a bit more burn in time.  Have fun.
  11. Sauntere
    Hi Ditti,
    Thanks for the response. Yeah i understand that. I am just recording the changes and sound as i notice them that's all. I have high expectations that the sound will change and improve significantly.
    I am having fun [​IMG]
  12. UnityIsPower

    Hi mate! Can you compare vocals between these two phones? Thanks.

    If you still have this review, I would love to read it. Care to PM it my way?

    Them EX1000 vocals... Can anybody not like them? Implausablez! (*_*)

    +1 be active pls


    Most excellent my fruend.
  13. audionewbi
    Ive found few inconsistent statement in my review i know it has been long since i got my iem but i promise the sound seems to change when i have changed once i had it connected to HUGO. Dita truth is both musical and remains transparent if the source is transparent as well.

    this weekend i will have something up based on Hugo pairing alone.
  14. ExpatinJapan
    A DITA black t-shirt would look cool.........
  15. audionewbi
    I am very curious to see the different setup people use for their iem.
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