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Dethonray Dtr1 Prelude high resolution player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jaykay1967, Jan 25, 2019.
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  1. chaotic_angel
    I am big fan of warm sound from 1st gen HD650. I found DTR1 + P1 is excellent, they're complimenting each other which resulting neutral bit warm with good impact. Highs are extends.
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  2. ehjie
    Burning in or Aging, including warming up periods are true. iBasso even supplies burning in cables just to do that. Even up to today a 5 yo dap such as the 240, from off to on power will sound cold, literally. After 2 - 3 tracks, it starts to open up. The DX229, same thing, maybe 4 - 5 tracks. Must be the tubes in the amp stage will start to "sing" right after that...

  3. celticprince
    Thanks very much for your reply, which is helpful :)
  4. chaotic_angel
    Firmware 3.0 update is coming soon! Get your unit and micro SD card ready

    Updated features:

    1. ISO(SACD) format support.
    2. AIFF/AIF format and Cover support.
    3. Folder playback support.
    4. Added "now playing" icon in folder playback.
    5. Added "stop after playing one file" option
    6. DSD pop up noise reduction.
    7 Updated algorithm for clearer text display
    8. Changing ID3 display mode.
    9. Fixed bugs causing missed covers
    10.Optimizing menu text display algorithms

    From their FB FP
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  5. Palash
    Yes it is a very very good update so far.
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  6. celticprince
    Thanks for the information; that is an extensive update indeed!
  7. celticprince
    Has anyone sourced an alternative case for the DTR1? I am just not 'feeling it' from the official case, although I was a fan of Status Quo back in the day :wink:
  8. chaotic_angel
    seems that almost non-existent choice of case for DTR1, unless custom made leather which I reluctant to do so since I need to leave the dap for 2 - 3 days.
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  9. TAsme
    Guys go visit a local leather goods manufactory. Small ones are happy for work. E.g. for a dtr1 case i would have needed to pay 60 usd (pure leather, handmade)
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  10. golov17
  11. kendosperling
    thank you sir :)
  12. maira
    I have asked them if they have Plans for a ESS Dac version, but they did not answer... . :triportsad:
  13. chaotic_angel
    Let them cook the next DAP after the DTR1 :) and leave the ingredients to them hahahaha
  14. chaotic_angel
    whoah?! how come you get it, while official website is till 2.20 :astonished:
    anyway thanks Oleg
  15. teknorob23
    ive installed the 3.0, thanks @golov17, which was pretty seamless. i then turned if off and it wont switch on again, any suggestions gratefully received :)
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