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Dethonray Dtr1 Prelude high resolution player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jaykay1967, Jan 25, 2019.
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  1. chaotic_angel
    the burn in is.
  2. Klonatans
    I have never experienced any burn in effect, especially concerning DAPs.
  3. Pizza Funghi
    Are you running the latest firmware?
  4. Klonatans
    I think so. FW 2.20.
  5. Pizza Funghi
    2.20 is the latest fw as far as I know. It was just a hunch. The very first fw was a bit imprecise in terms of volume steps, but it improved over the past months.
    At least to my ears.
  6. Klonatans
    The UI is stable and volume steps are linear, it's just so powerful on high gain that with my heapdhones on high gain one step (usually between 8 and 11) sometimes makes music too loud or too quiet for suitable level. No such problems at all on medium gain.
  7. dogtagkz
    Thank you, sir.
  8. F700
    The Fibae Black are the perfect companion to the DTR1. The clear and powerful sound from the DAP marries very well with the warmish IEM from Custom Arts. Best mids I have heard on the DTR1, no hint of sibilance, even at high volume.
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  9. celticprince
    Thanks for your update in listening preferences with the DTR1. How do the Fibae's compare to the Final E5000's you wrote about previously and has the sound of the DAP changed in any way with more play time?

    Thanks :)
  10. F700
    The Fibae Black have better mids and less bass than the E5000. The treble is slightly better defined with the Black. It is interesting to compare both IEMs actually, custom single DD vs. custom single BA. Tonal balance is excellent in both cases, they are highly enjoyable IEMs. Cannot pick a winner, because if I want my sub-bass, I will go with the E5000, and if I want to listen to vocalists, I will grab the Blacks.

    My DTR1 now should have 300 hours at least and it sounds fantastic. I cannot tell if it sounds better than before. I don't think I could notice a difference. I was hooked at day 1 already.
    celticprince likes this.
  11. celticprince

    Thanks again, that's very helpful as I am currently in the process of buying a DTR1 and your enthusiastic posts have been really encouraging. I'm glad that you are still smitten :)
    F700 likes this.
  12. F700
    It is a keeper
    celticprince likes this.
  13. RuFrost
    Does DTR support multi-channel music\recordings?
  14. chaotic_angel
    I found it with me, the most significant changes found it on my Ibasso Dx150 & DX90j. Well maybe that just me.
  15. celticprince

    Can you please offer an update on your sound experiences of this particular combination? It is one of the IEM's that I am considering, but I wondered if the treble may be too bright/boosted?

    Thanks in advance :)
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