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Dethonray Dtr1 Prelude high resolution player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jaykay1967, Jan 25, 2019.
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  1. terry1109
    I agree on TAsme comments, the UI is easy to use, clean and simple, But definitely no match to those modern player.
    But i like to keep things simple and nothing fancy, so i am all good.
    The charger is home brew and not common on the market, but reaching out to anson and get a replacement charger is easy.
    Therefore i dun see this as a non replacement item.
    It's a must have in order to achieve the design of the dtr1, which i made peace with when i bought the player a while back.
    However, this is my own feedback, as i prefer simple design and no BS, just good audio quality.
  2. Matpar
    Exactly, I don't honestly get why we talk about good and bad on such issues.. It Is snappy, simple yet effective.

    It Is an old School Range Rover, It Is not a full fledged Aston Martin.

    So if you Plan to go everywhere with ease, it's fine. But no, there won't be that Cruise control button. :)
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  3. duncan21
    The UI wasn't bad if you get used to it. There is no compromise for this DAP, either like it or hate it. The charger is not replaceable.
  4. TAsme
    - no touchscreen
    - no BT/WIFI
    - simple UI
    - unique charger

    + power
    + sound quality (for me better than Fiio, ibasso, AK)
    + company owner who cares and adopts the firmware after community wishes

    Neutral would be battery life. Same as most other players. For me the simple UI is also a plus, but i guess most would say otherwise

    Choose yourself guys
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2019
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  5. PoetOfTheKill
    Is there a way to continuously play all my songs on the sd card on shuffle with dtr1?

    Though I like everything else about it I'm a bit on the wall with the 10 hour battery life since I would like to use it for work but I work 12 hours and not including commute time so charging won't happen until I get home sadly.
  6. hung031086
    There is an option for shuffle in settings.
  7. maira
    Anybody able to compare the tonality if this player to the Pono Player?
  8. Pizza Funghi
    The second symbol from left contains "All songs". This one:

    Just change the play mode to "shuffle". Done
  9. Mirumir
    Yes, with planar headphones (Tin audio P1), DTR1 plays well. However, noting the very mild nature of the volume increase, I decided to try it with the Xuelin iHiFi 100 portable amplifier. It was amazing. The sound got more life and became natural. The bass has become denser and more textured. The joy was short-lived ...DTR1 after repeated switching on with a working linear input blocks the volume, reducing it to the level of "8" (scale to 60 units) - very quiet. You can set “100” before turning on the line input, the player will still set “8”. Set to “0” when the headphone input is on - you don’t hear anything at all after connecting the line input. You can set values from 1 to 8 - there will be volume from the line input from 1 to 8. Set 9 - will be 8, 10 - will be 8, and so on ... To be treated by pulling out the cord from the line input and inserting it back. I already read about this “small” problem ... I hope this can be fixed, otherwise the line-in mode of operation is a one-time demonstration before purchase that is poorly implemented for real life. Can I set the level to “60” in the firmware, instead of “8” - as a treatment option?

    DTR1+Xuelin 100.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  10. maira
    Found a dealer in europe "glorioussound dot com". Anybody ordered there?
  11. lithrai
    Never heard about them. You can write to Anson, if they are authorized retailer.
  12. Rednoisia
    Hi I know glorioussound but I am also sort of new at this forum, GloriousSound will be at a "local" audio show in the Netherlands this weekend with Noble Audio, Oriveti, Obravo Cupid and also of course the Dethonray DTR1
  13. toranku
  14. marcusd
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  15. Matpar
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