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Aug 3, 2010
So I owned the D2000-5000-7000 and I can see a borderline variance between sound quality and bass...mainly a beautifully controlled bass and better separation of instruments on the D7000 (If you listen to the D7000, you can certainly here each instrument stunningly divided). However, all I see on the D-5000 is more bass than the D2000 and the sound quality is about the same. The D7000's bass when burned-in, sounds like the D2000's bass without a question. At first, the D7000’s bass is just like the D5000, boomy; however, when burned-in, the D7000's bass increasingly becomes a lot flatter, hence balanced (and I use that term loosely), like the D2000. I just don't know if the price difference rationalizes the upgrades.
The D5000 is about $200 more and the D7000 is about $400 more than the D2000. With burn-in time on either, the sound becomes well improved and you can really tell with those Denons...the bass becomes a lot tighter and much more unified in...meaning that it doesn't dominate everything else, rather works with the highs, mids, etc…
So I wanted to get your opinions if you believe the price difference is worth the:
Real Mahogany wood on the D-5000 (with more bass, and appearance too)
Piano finished natural real wood Mahogany enclosures on the D-7000 (with more bass, and appearance too)
The better balance with the Acoustic Optimizer sound pressure balancing technology on the D-7000 (definitely makes an upright difference of instrument separation and overall balance)
7 Nines Oxygen Free Copper cable upgrade on the D-7000 (ehh, not a biggie)
Why didn't I post any other difference? Because there is none. Everything else is about the same with the different models.

Yeah, having headphones that even look like Denons in the first place, and owning a Denon with real mahogany wood or piano finished natural real wood mahogany will make me jizz in my pants...but after all, it won’t truly just want to get the best bang out of your dollars. You don’t really want to go with the D7000 or for that matter either and in the near future be like, "man, I should have gone with the D2000 because I really can’t justify the price difference for the sound quality or what these headphones are made out of that are different than the ones I wanted to get anymore."
So it really comes down to the D2000 vs. D7000. Absolutely there is a difference in sound quality...but I couldn't tell after burning-in the D7000...maybe because I really got used to them.
Did I miss anything?
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It's funny how mostly everyone relies on frequency charts...get all 3 and compare them side by side and I guarantee you will find the D7000 has a stronger bass than the D2000, however, the D5000 has the strongest bass out of the 3. I don't need to rely on frequency charts...My ears can tell.
7000 does not have more bass, can anyone confirm this?

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I auditioned the D2000 and D5000 (D7000 was to expensive to even listen to...).
The burn in status of both phones is unknown, but my impression was that the D5000 had better lows than the D2000.
Listening to various songs with the same setup I got goose bumps on some parts with the D5000 that I didn't get with D2000.
Hence I took a deep dive into my wallet and bought the D5000. Was a bit disappointed with the first impressions when I got them
home, but after 24h burn-in the bass was there in the same way as in the store :)
The major unknown here is that the D2000 could have less time on them than the D5000 and perhaps give them a slight disadvantage.
Looking at the plots on headroom the D5000 has more bass than both the other Denons, but then again, that is just plots...
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The Headroom plots are little misleading, because they are all normalized to have 0db at 1kHz. If you chose a different normalization point, say 500Hz, it would look like all three headphones have about the same amount of bass, but different amounts of midrange and treble. You can only tell which one really has the most bass by comparing frequency response without any normalization of the plots.

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Bostonears, thanks for pointing that out. Very true indeed.
So the D5000 plot could appear to have more bass because of a dip around 1khz...
Hmmm... so is it more useful to look at the roll-off frequency?
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They are very similar...what makes them different though? I don't understand...I can't  justify the price difference, can any of you? Look at this graph, it even shows it.
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The 7000's have more bass? I don't think so. Did you compare the frequency charts? That's not the case.

They have better bass. Tighter, more controlled and defined. Their mids are not as recessed and I find the sparkle of the treble bang on (with the D7000s).

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