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Denon D2000 / D5000/ D7000 discontinued - are there even alternatives around?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by amperial, Nov 24, 2012.
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  1. Amperial
    I remember when you guys recommended me the D2000s. It was the perfect choice for me and i love listening music with them.
    It was really a big disappointment when i saw the news that they basically replaced an epic era with trash.
    My plan was to buy D5000s someday.. but yeah.

    So i really wonder.. are there any alternatives? Even i am not so experianced.. i have some overview and it looks like people who are seeking for a fun sounding can with the bass and comfort will have a hard time. I remember how difficult it was to find the right cans. Since the day i have them i am recommending people who wanna buy Beats to get the Denons instead.
  2. Tangster
    The D600 is probably the nearest thing to the old D series(except the Fostex TH900). After that, probably ultrasone.
    You'll pry my D2Ks from my cold, dead, hands.
  3. cocolinho
    I have a D2000 & had a HFI780. To me ears they shared some similarities, Denon have more bass though.
    So maybe Pro750 or Pro900 will be fit the bill
  4. Amperial
    I heard the D600 is bad sounding for the price as far as i am concerned but you're prolly right..
    I've heard the Beyer DT900s have some Denon touch though.
    I personally don't think Ultrasones are similar to the pre Denons.
  5. Fuzziekiwi
    Why were they discontinued?
  6. Amperial
    I asked myself the same after i've heard it but seems..
    ..and now we got those trash music maniac series. The Denons are just classic. I really wanted to get a D5000 next. Other headsets do not provide the audiophile sound with a sub bass like the pre Denons.
  7. Elektrospeed
    Commercial reasons most probably.
    They have replaced them with beats-looking crap with stupid names going like "Music Maniac", "Exercise Freak", etc..
  8. Tangster
    Denon got a new bunch of people in charge who didn't like the fact Fostex didn't make headphones in the US so they severed ties with them and commissioned a US company to make design and make the new line. At least, that what I heard.
  9. atomikn00b
    If the D600 comes down to about $250-300, it's probably a pretty close second to the D5K.
    I own the D2K and had the D600 (out of curiosity) for about two weeks.
    The only major difference was the subbass quantity being a bit lower on the D600.
    In every other aspect it was better. Faster bass, more midbass for that thump, more mids, and about the same highs.
    So. it's a good choice. I would have kept it and sold my D2K if the fit was tighter on my head.
  10. macaws
    I find it funny that Denon discontinued the Dx000 series because Fostex 'dropped' them... And now all their new headphones look surprisingly similar to the Denons.
    Fostex TH-900
    Fostex TH-600
    After hearing so much about the Denons, I simply HAD to buy them. I bought a pair of Denon 2ks on eBay for $260 shipped. They are simply amazing!
  11. kjk1281

    That's because the Denons were based on Foster Electric designs.

  12. LinkPro
    Stop posting silly threads like this. The new Denons deserve way more than the crap some of you people give them.
    The D600 is actually very good sounding, maybe not $500 good but the D2000 was certainly not $350 good either.
    Most of the bashing was directed toward the D7100, not D600. Most people who have tried the D600 have been positive about them. After owning them for a month I don't really miss my D5000 at all. A little less sub-bass, but better mids/vocals performance and almost sibilance-free treble.

    The major complaints about the old series were too much bass, recessed mids, sometimes harsh treble and non-removable cable. The new ones especially the Music Maniacs attempted to fix all that and actually did so quite decently, and everyone is like "zomg terrible design I won't even try to audition them they're ugly so they must sound bad let's start a bashing thread now herp derp"

    TL;DR the D600 is not bad.

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  13. scott5526
    How hard does the bass hit on the new series?  I tried a d2000 at a meet a few days ago and was amazed at how hard the bass was hitting.  Certainly an accomplishment in my book considering that it also seemed well controlled
  14. Radiopool
    Saw they were discontinued, so I started looking for an upgrade to my D2000s.  I found a pair of D7000s for...wait for it....$450 on craigslist.  

    I've been pretty much freaking every minute of every day since I acquired them three days ago.  [​IMG]
  15. Sycho
    I guess the DT880 would be the closest to the Denon D2000.
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