Denon AH-MM400
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I am posting a few comments minus sound comments. I used Romani's review format to type these comments, thanks so much Romani!!! If there are any questions about anything I opinions I have on these items, please don't hesitate to ask.

Sources: Fiio X5, PONO player, Moto X streaming Tidal,Lossless music formats, mp3's.

Usage so far: I have had about 40-50 hours of listening to these.

First impressions: Great! mm400 really rock!

Packaging: mm400 not much to it, very simple; M2 simple, box has foam insert inside foam is a protective case, inside the case is a black bag with M2 inside - Win M2(only slight better presentation)

Size: Portable - Both headphones,  No case for MM400 only black felt type bag, M2 has a case and a black bag - Win M2(the case)

Portability: Both are portable I feel strange with the Denon outside the home walking or otherwise because they look like a top shelf equipment,wood,chrome and design, M2 has more "cool" look a little more utilitarian. Both cans fold. The case for the M2 is a little big but could fit in a back pack - Win M2(the case; looks)

How they look on: Neither headphone is too large. The headband on the mm400 is not as bad as the HP50 but it does not conform to the line of the head, it sticks out a bit. The M2 looks "cooler" on the head. I wear both outside but would prefer the M2 - Win M2

Build quality: mm400 is beautiful!!! Wood covered cups, metal swivels and sliders and chrome inlays on the wood cups. The swivels and ability to move the cups on your ears, well built , well designed. The M2 is engineered; functional. I have not yet encountered the "noise" from the hinge point in the mm400 so I can't count that. The earpads on the M2 are real leather so soft almost a gooey feel, not creepy gooey luscious gooey. I wish the earcups from the M2 were on the mm400 - Win mm400

Value: Not fair...the M2 is less expensive and received a great deal on them. The retail is normally 350.00 for the M2 and 400.00 for the mm400.

Comfort: Both headphones are very comfortable. I like the comfort of the mm400 headband padding and wonder why the M2 puts little to less than little padding on the headband. The earcups on both are very comfortable, but as stated prefer the earpads on the M2. Initially, until you get the headphone adjusted the way you want the mm400 is more comfortable. - Win mm400

Leakage/Isolation: The M2 isolate better in the "world" but with music playing you can't hear much from the outside world with either headphone. The M2 isolate well. - Win M2(but who cares, with music playing they are equal)

That is everything up to sound...obviously some of the above is only my opinion, but this is all without taking sound into account. Cool factor, looks, etc... are a matter of taste, many of these things are a matter of taste.

I will add sound to this ongoing....
Awesome. Once you get the sound component done, I reckon create a review page of the AH-MM400's vs. M2 :)
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Awesome. Once you get the sound component done, I reckon create a review page of the AH-MM400's vs. M2

The large part is kinda about the sound huh? It looks like a lot of wins for M2 but it is a little deceiving, because most were close.
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I wanted to like the M2 but the difference between the mm400 were to great to ignore, maybe it was just my pair or not enough burn in, but the M2 sounded muddy with a very narrow sound stage, although the midst were very good the highs seemed a little recessed compared to the denons
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The large part is kinda about the sound huh? It looks like a lot of wins for M2 but it is a little deceiving, because most were close.

Lots of factors make a successful headphone, sound being one for sure :) You are between 50-100 hours short of a full burn in, so hang in there. I haven't heard the M2 but expect your impressions of the Denons to change till you hit that mark.
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I have already achieved what I wanted - m400 sounds the same or even better than when I was auditioning it at denon reseller. Listening to Vivaldi 4 seasons I was like in heaven - all is back - speed, ultra clarity, delicacy, TEXTURE of instruments is out of this world but not like with hifimans bright, harsh or edgy, soundstage and depth - enormous. Every day there are so many improvements now that I can not believe this is seriously happening now. To all folks who bought it - first 100 hours is a must for it. Don't you even bother listening to it earlier - you might be deeply disappointed. End of topic for me.
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I'm waiting for my MM400 from Japan, currenly using my MDR EX1000 as daily driver and I'm kinda bored just using in-ear all the time. What should I expect ? I really love how MDR EX1000 sounds, I hope I won't be disappointed aside from the 100 hours burn-in time.
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I was like 60 hours into the burn-in. Then I was stupid enough to send them in because the iOS-cable was broken.. 
Warranties are done superbly here in the Netherlands. Since they just swapped out the whole thing, a brand new headphone. 

But now I have to start from 0. Ah well, at least I got a new one, smells wooden.
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Now you get to play the waiting game... I'll be honest though, I still really quite liked mine from day one. Might've been because I was always exhausted when I listened to them because I was on holiday in Japan though...
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Woah, the waiting game huh, it's the worst thing ever. Hopefully it won't disappoint me like the momentum 2 did.
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I loved them from day 1 also but felt the bass a tad too present initially. I wasn't too worried however having owned a multitude of Denons prior

Yeah, from day 1 the mid-bass was too present to me. Not sure if you're referring to the same thing here.
EDIT: but everything sounded wonderful after 30 hours in.
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A pro review I came across for these. Can't say I agree with all of it but it's better than no review at all. Note, make sure you expand on each of the sections to read the accompanying commentary. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious.

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