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Denon AH-MM400

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by alpha10, Oct 9, 2014.
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  1. alpha10
    Has anyone seen these?


  2. navii
    I have now.
  3. navii
    holly... really... is dennon so dead around here that this has been sitting online since the start of June and nobody noticed:
  4. hi-hi-fi
    i think this model is released today - oct 10 - at least in japan. i have one on order from my hi-fi shop here in oslo together with a denon da-10. should be received within 1 month. greetings from norway
  5. musikaladin
    ... actually it was noticed and there is a thread here on headfi since then... there just wasn't a lot of resonance. Me personally, I am very much looking forward to the AH-MM400.... Let's see whether it can somehow compete with my AH-D7100, which I, despite some very negative reactions by others, still deem one of the best headphones ever!!! Whereas considering the price-tag the AH-MM400 should rather play in the AH-D600 league... well, let's see...
  6. HiFiRobot
    AH-MM400 are ow listed in the Nordics. But not in stock yet and pricing is even higher than rest of EU (Hifiklubben has exclusivity on Denon usually). Anyway they call it a successor to Denon AH-D2000 and not mentioning D600.
  7. musikaladin
    ...what a super-beauty....
  8. musikaladin
    ...last Thursday asked in STEREO in ion Orchard... the informed that they do not carry Denon in their portfolio... so I'll have to look for another source around here... bad luck; remains the question, for them or for me?
  9. hi-hi-fi
    bad luck for you i suppose - but don't give up yet :smile:
  10. daphen
    Really eager to hear about the sound of these. They're in the price range of the phones I'm looking at now. 
    I want a neutral, closed can with decent isolation and no leakage. :) 
    I have the HD700's as a reference since they are my favourites of the headphones I own. I'd like kind of that signature in sound but closed. :)
  11. musikaladin
    ...of course I won't give up; sooner or later I WILL own it. Period. So today I checked in Adelphi's Jaben... they don't have it (eve didn't know/hear about it yet) but told me they'll try to get one for me. Well, let's see...
  12. Prophet293
    this is really weird, guys. I can't find this new line of headphone on any of Denon's websites. 
  13. XERO1
    I'm guessing that Denon debuted these in June, expecting to release them a month or two later, and then probably ran into production problems and have been keeping relatively quite about them (at least in the US) because of the delay in production.
    We will probably start hearing a lot more about them in the US once they get closer to being actually ready to ship.
    I just hope they sound as good as they look!
    We should know pretty soon .....  [​IMG]
  14. XERO1
    Another nice pic of these beautiful new headphones from Denon.
    Can't wait for them to finally come out!
  15. LinkPro
    I hope Denon doesn't pull the "screw you NA" card like some Japanese manufacturers have been doing. This could be the replacement for my UE6000.
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