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DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by pitbul34, Jan 28, 2017.
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  1. Esotar
    I have many Best DACs.

    Here is the list :

    Trinity Designs [Trinity DAC]

    TotalDAC [d1-Six]

    Aqua Acoustic Quality [Formula xHD]

    LampizatOr [Golden Atlantic]

    MSB Technology [Analog DAC]

    Aqua Acoustic Quality [La Scala MK II Optologic]

    PS Audio [DirectStream]

    Denafrips [Terminator]

    Holo Audio [Spring Lv. 3 KTE]

    Schiit Audio [Yggdrasil]

    Mytek [Brooklyn]

    And I borrowed Super DACs :

    MSB Technology [Select DAC II Full Option]

    Chord [Dave]

    Myek [Manhattan II]

    I had A-B test about 2 months.

    And I make Best DAC Quality Ranking list.

    This ranking is just my subjective thinking.

    The formats that is used in comparison test is all 16bit / 44.1KHz, not DSD

    The Result :

    1st : Select DAC II Full Option - 100%

    2nd : Trinity DAC - 90%

    3rd : Formula xHD - 77%

    4th : d1-Six - 75%

    5th : La Scala MK II Optologic - 70%

    6th : Terminator - 69%

    7th : Golden Atlantic - 65%

    8th : Dave - 61%

    9th : Analog DAC - 60%

    10th : Manhattan II - 56%

    10th : DirectStream - 53%

    11th : Spring Lv. 3 KTE - 51%

    12th : Yggdrasil - 47%

    13th : Brooklyn - 31%

    This result is just [[[my subjective thinking]]]

    Best no.1 DAC (cost no objective) : Select DAC II Full Option

    Best cost-effective no.1 DAC : Terminator

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  2. lentoviolento

    come on man... 80k for a dac? even if i won the lottery i wouldn't buy it... children are starving around the world, dacs like these are the equivalent of expensive cars for those who have tiny penis... asd
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  3. Esotar
    I'm Korean.

    My job is to sell reasonable DACs and digital cables.

    To introduce cost-effective digital goods, I must compare my products to best DACs.

  4. lentoviolento
    okok i was just joking :)
  5. simon740

    Im looking new DAC and I like this Ares. To now I have Aune S16, Rega Brio R, Naim DAC V1 and Topping D30. But Im looking somethink new, diferent.
    My system is: Ayon Audio Spark and WLM La Scala monitor
    What do you think? Is this ARES OK?

  6. Carlo7
  7. Carlo7
    The Ares is in a different league, better than lks dacs. I would buy it without hesitation ! It needs a really good quality copper power cord.

  8. Rhamnetin
    I emailed them about this but for the Venus. I can let you know how they respond if you'd like, and you can try asking about the Ares.

    - EDIT: Got a response for the Venus. They said the output stage is undisclosed and they would not give any details about it. Hiding technical information... I don't buy from companies like that, I support companies that are transparent about such matters so I will cross Denafrips off my list.

    I asked Metrum the same questions about the Pavane, we'll see how they respond. Don't think there is a need to ask Chord those questions about the Hugo TT 2 since it's going to be just like their other DACs in that regard (then again the insanely high output power might beg some different questions), and obviously no need to ask about the Audio Note DAC 5.1 (would ask the community if anything). Those are the DACs I am considering.

    EDIT 2: Metrum also said any details about their output stage are confidential, but sent me some datasheet to look at. I will look at it when I get home but if it doesn't answer my questions then I will scratch them off my list too.

    Modern day DACs (even high end ones like these) so often put all their focus on the D/A conversion then forget about how important a good output stage is, and I can't support such secrecy when other companies like Chord are very transparent about their products.

    Then again spritzer indicated that the Ares is extremely transparent which suggests its output stage isn't polluted.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
  9. mock-up
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
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  10. Elpampeano
    First reply or post for me and from Argentina. Today ordered the Ares from Vinshine, Alvin first class service. Now, waiting for the dac.
  11. Elpampeano
    Will replace an SMSL 1955+ with linear power supply and SMSL S022 bridge (tenor chip).
  12. alvin1118
    Thank you @Elpampeano for your kind words. Your order will be shipped today.

  13. Reggy
    Hi PitBul34,

    After over a year how are you enjoying your new setup with the Ares? What kind of impressions have you gained from it? I have the Ares, however I am curious on what people are pairing the DAC with. What is your lineup for components when using the Ares? Thanks.
  14. Reggy
    What difference does another power cord make you claim? The stock one I have for the Ares is "E55943LL41230 I-SHENG 10A 125V 27.00118.011-R Power Cable, IS-14"
  15. PitBul34
    Hi. I've migrated to the next step: Denafrips Pontus DAC + XRK SHD20 transport. One of the best combination for real money, I think.
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