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DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by pitbul34, Jan 28, 2017.
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  1. mourip
    Hi Alvin,

    A couple of questions that others might also be interested in.

    1. Do you have a return policy or trial period?
    2. Do you have a service facility in the US or do users need to send their units back to China for something more than a user-friendly board swap.
    3. Is your warranty transferable?

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  2. alvin1118
    Hi Paul,

    Good day.

    1. Apologies there is no return policy/trial period at this moment due to our online direct sales business model. It would be difficult to handle the logistics alone.
    2. The DAC (except Ares), is modular design. We usually do a board-swap arrangement when service/repair is required. We are working with a credible partner in the US as our service facility if the client is not hands-on.
    3. Yes, the warranty is transferable.

    Many thanks.


    p/s: if it's not appropriate to reply, mod please assist to remove this post.
  3. mourip
    Thanks Alvin.
  4. Jokanok
    I am very much interested to buy this DAC but I cannot find any good information about the analog output stage!
    is it fully discrete without opamps?
    The only info I found in this thread is that it is a Denafpris mistery?
    I will not decide before having the full info! Any help is very much appreciated.
  5. ljperez84
    Hi, this is very interesting. Would you be able to grade in a 1 to 10 scale? Bimby, Gimby, Ares, 2qute and MA? I’m looking for a big soundstage, neutral sound and detail.

    FWIW I would be pairing it with a Mjolnir 2, I’m of the idea that the amp and headphones should give you color and the DAC should be as neutral as posible. I’d like to go fully balanced but it isn’t a priority either. DSD is not important to me at all.

    Right now I have mimby and I’ve read that it isn’t really far from bimby.

    Other DACs I’m considering are Gustard X20 Pro and the new X22

    I’d appreciate everyone’s advice!
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  6. jcn3
    if you look at pics, the output stage is based on chips, not discrete transistors. not that that is a bad thing or good thing. implementation is always key.
  7. sheldaze
    Hard to put a grade on things, especially when some things may excel in one area, but not another. Also I've not heard Ares directly A/B to anything except the 2Qute and Bifrost, or on speakers. When listening to speakers, it is much easier to hear distinct differences between DACs. Differences are much more subtle on headphones.

    Soundstage on Gumby was better than Bimby and Mimby. 2Qute was relatively flat. Detail on Gumby was better than MA - this comparison was done via headphones through a Cavalli Glass. It was subtle, but definitely there. But this thread is about the Ares, which I've heard only at meet events - quiet meet events, but not all the DACs were on hand. There's still a slight warmth to the Gumby, despite its soundstage and detail. What I mean, it might not be considered neutral per your requirements. I would press on people who have heard Gumby and Ares, in the same sitting, to ask what they think. Sorry, I've heard these, but too many other variables were in play to make a good review comparison.
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  8. ljperez84
  9. gordec
    Really want to try the Ares. Anyone wants to sell their Ares?
  10. vtvu
    Gingko Audio will have a demo featuring the world premiere of the full line of Denafrips ladder DACs: Ares, Pontus, Venus, and Terminator in Room 1524 at AXPONA
    at the Schaumburg Convention Center in Chicago area, April 13-15.
    Here is a preview:
    Vinh Vu
  11. lentoviolento
    Is it worth upgrading from the audio gd r2r 11? Thx
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  12. MelonHead
    I would like to see a comparison between the two as well.
  13. lentoviolento
    I bought the ares.. Soon i'll post a comparison vs r2r 11
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  14. natemact
  15. manishex
    anyone compare the Pontus to the holo spring Dac level 1/2?
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