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DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by pitbul34, Jan 28, 2017.
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  1. T Bone
    How are you controlling the volume with the PC?  The DAC doesn't have a volume attenuator and I'm pretty sure your mono blocks don't either.
    Most people with external DACs prefer to get "bit perfect" output from their computer to their DAC.  They don't want the operating system to have any control over the signal. 
  2. Mr Pluto
    T Bone,
    Don`t ever ever use DAC-s volume control. Digital volume is from evil, it works on basis of dropping bits. Preamp/volume attenuatior is one of the most critical parts of your system. It`s actually the heart of your system.
    All the computer/streamer stuff is also not really there yet!
  3. Mr Pluto
    The vids are nice but maybe you can bless us with two words on how your Ares vs Dac-8 and maybe Sonica sounds? Is there any huge improvement of one over other?
  4. soundfanz
    The Red Wine Audio mono blocks do in fact have volume attenuators. 
  5. PitBul34
    Sonica is still on the way from USA, i'll tell about it later. I think it would be better to make a small table to describe advantages of each other.
    ExteriorSmall and simple looking device, minimalistic style, not eated much space, 1x unit.Solid looking heavy weight boxer, minimalistic style, need more space, 2x units.
    InteriorOne big O-transformer, 2x R2R ladders, 1x FPGA controller, 0,01 resistors.2x big O-transformers, separated power source unit, 4x R2R ladders, 2x FPGA controllers, 0,01 resistors.
    Build qualityBuild like a T-34 main battle tank, full metal jacket, all parts alligned nice, packed in 1x paper box. A special gift wooden boxes are available for Taiwan users (and for me :) - many thanks to Taiwan dealer).Build like an ISU-152 tank destroyer, huge bullet proof case, many many metal, metal is everywhere, all parts alligned nice. Weight 13 kg, 2x units packed separately in 2x paper boxes.
    FormatsPCM, DSD (DoP), DSD native (USB)PCM, DSD (DoP), DSD native (I2S)
    USB+ (XMOS 208)-
    I2S-+ (HDMI, gold plated)
    COX2x RCA1x RCA, 1x BNC
    OPT2x TosLink2x TosLink
    OutputRCA, XLRRCA, XLR
    SoundstageVery deepMuch deeper and layered (but you need a nice tube setup and a lightweight high sensitivity paper cone dynamic heads to hear that)
    AttackVery fast, agressiveVery fast, much softer and balanced sound
    BassDeep and texturedVery deep, strong and textured (but you need a nice setup and high quality big AC  to hear that)
    MidsVery natural and pleasureVery natural and pleasure, more intelligent sound
    HeightsCrystal clearCrystal clear, but more gentle sound
    ResolutionVery HighThe same
    Channel separationVery HighA bit better

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  6. gunwale
    great comparison. thanks.
  7. Tekk83
    From the comparasion chart, it really seems like the ares is a much better deal. Sounds like very minimal gains to hear the differences, if it needs a very high end set up to differentiate, for over double the cost. Unless of course someone would really prefer the I2S connection.
  8. PitBul34

    The truth is out there. The sound quality of a modern DACs is so high, that every little step ahead costs more and more money. But a lot of people does not have suitable setups to hear this benefits. Yes, the difference between Ares & DAC-8PRO2 R2R is not like night & day. DAC-8PRO2 R2R sounds better in all parameters sought. But for some people it would be better to invest money into development of their setups and then to think of upgrade their DACs, imo.
  9. Mr Pluto

  10. Mr Pluto
    Yep the very top of high-end digital becomes gradually sharper the higher you go. From $200 to 2k the upgrade is usually quite substantial but from 2k to 20k it becomes more of a taste issue.
    Do you have had some big boys like Accuphase, Burmester, Zanden etc. to compare the current Chinese miracles to?
    Your English is pretty good so please don`t be afraid to say a few words about your sonic impression. I suppose most here are impatiently waiting for a brief essay .... [​IMG]
  11. PitBul34
  12. foreverzer0
    How about compared to the chord gear?
  13. Walderstorn
    If this was available in Eur i would have bought already, unfortunately i have a bad history with customs.
  14. alota
    now that the dollar is pratically :1 with euro, it´s worse. same price more 40%
  15. rafabro
    What you talking about guys, VAT dependent on country 21-23% . Thats it. In worst case you pay tax but still you getting great DAC in even better price.
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