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DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by pitbul34, Jan 28, 2017.
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  1. lukeap69

    Currently, I am using Soundaware D100 Pro as source. I will move the ARES after a week or so to my bedroom rig using my PC as source.
  2. alvin1118
    will reveal more info in mid of March sir. 
  3. PitBul34
    Got Sonica today. Now break-in:
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  4. rafabro
    Obviously, your government is robbering you just like that..
  5. thyname


    I have my eyes on the Sonica.

    I would be very interested to learn how it compares with the new R2R DACs (Ares and Halo Spring)

    Or with Gumby
  6. gunwale
  7. rudra
    ARES is in the house. Ordered it from Vinshine. Alvin at Vinshine has been great to deal with and kudos to him for been able to come up with a very competitive price for the ARES. I am listening to ARES with the ZMF Ori cherry wood and Cayin iHA6 amp balanced and later with my balanced LD tube amp. 
    Tried all the different file types to test the USB input.. All of them work. That is a good start in my book. Configured FB2K to output DSD. Just found out that I can upsample PCM to DSD in Foobar2K. [​IMG]. Poor man's HQP.
    Some un-boxing photos. Just for giggles I have compared the size of ARES to the AGD NFB 17.32.  Initial impression(subjective with the usual caveats)  against the AGD. Better micro details, good instrument separation.  I am not good with audiofoolery words to describe the sound. After 100 hours  I will chime in with my final impressions.
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  8. rudra
    fooasioproxy2.jpg fooasioproxy3.jpg
    FB2K settings if anybody is interested. I couldn't hear any click/pop noise when switching to different DSD formats(DSD 64, 128, 256). When I get the chance I will try to connect the ARES to Squeezebox Touch on my 2 Ch setup which may not happen till the weekend.
    Update: to upsample anything over 88.2 I need to set it to DSD64 to get sound. This is where it gets interesting. When I play the file ARES display shows it as DSD256. [​IMG]
  9. lukeap69
    Thanks @rudra.

    Glad that foobar2k and PC does not show those dreaded pops and clicks. In my Soundaware D100 Pro, these pops and clicks are so loud. As in loud. LOL.

    Enjoy your ARES and come back for more impressions. I think I am starting to understand more where it is compared to my Spring. Cheers.
  10. rudra
    @lukeap69 have tried to send the DSD as DoP and see if you still get the loud pop. Apologies if you have already tried it.
  11. gr8soundz
    Thanks for this. I was wondering what DSD rates the Denafrips could really handle. Hopefully the mismatched rates is just a software/firmware glitch that can be fixed with an update.
    The Denafrips is much closer to my budget plus I like the smaller size (compared to the Holo Spring) but all those soft capacitors packed inside is giving me pause.
  12. rudra
    If have played DSD64, 128 & 256 DSF files and the DAC indicator lights up as ( 1x, 2x, 4x  with the DSD indicator on). I think the quirk is with the ASIO Proxy up-sampling in the chain..
    As for the life of the capactior's  only time will tell(oops I better not get sued for using some one's else TM [​IMG])
    If anybody wants to try it out for themselves you can download DSD files from http://www.2l.no/hires/
  13. lukeap69

    I don't think I have that option in Soundaware D100 Pro. I will try different settings when I connect my ARES to my PC. I will also switch DAC tonight to check if I will hear the same pops with my Holo.
  14. slex
    How to tell if a cap is busted? Male sound turn into female squeal?:grinning:
  15. rudra
    the same way as you do in any other device[​IMG]. TBH I don't know. One would assume that the caps used by Denafrips is of good quality.
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