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DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by pitbul34, Jan 28, 2017.
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  1. m-i-c-k-e-y

    Know this is a Denafrips thread. But since the subject of affordable modern R2R DACs came to about, Soekris" commercial DAC is now only 363eur.


    On the other note Denafrips have a line of HPAs. Hope to see more of those.
  2. PitBul34

    I can compare Denafrips Ares & DAC-8PRO2 (Tomahawk now) with ES9038PRO later (after my Oppo Sonica will come).
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  3. abartels
    That would be great! To be honest, maybe ES9038Pro is a very good sounding dac-chip, but it is designed to have best specs available,
    and also, has many, many build-in features which leaves audio designers not much room to implement their own designs.
    That said, I really think it will sound not as good as AK4497 or any R2R.
    My predictions: It will have a very dynamically sound, tons of details, lots of LF-output, probably a very good soundstage, but less musical
    sounding than R2R or AKM chipsets, at least the AK4495 and AK4497.
    Just my 2 cents.
  4. PitBul34
    Ok, got my Denafrips DAC-8PRO2 today, will test it in holydays:
  5. Mr Pluto
    Nice! [​IMG] Whats the first impression? No night and day difference with Ares?[​IMG]
  6. Energy
    I cannot comment much on the new ESS9038 however the ESS9018 is shades brighter compared to R2R Multibit and even more so when compared to R2R Ladder. Comparing my X-Sabre to the Metrum Pavane, Yggdrasil, and Holo Audio Spring was simply a night and day difference.
    Hope the DAC 8PRO2 surprises you :)
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  7. PitBul34
    Denafrips DAC-8PRO2 R2R discrete ladder - the first impression. Well balanced, crystal clear and high resolution, pleasure sound:

  8. gunwale

    does it sounds better than ares? or just different?
  9. abartels
    That's not the kind of "First Impression" I was hoping for.
    This is kind of: You had dinner at a 5* Restaurant, how was it: Oh, it was very tasty, people were polite and entourage was very pleasant [​IMG]
    Btw, all the impressions, the recordings you post, how would or could we even compare sound this way???? Do you think your recordings from your speakers do sound better than the original recordings????
    Sorry, I appreciate you doing this, but, in my opinion it's completely useless.......
    Just my 2 cents 
  10. PitBul34
    My recordings are much better then nothing or a useless text description of sound, imo.
  11. PitBul34
    It sounds more balanced and pleasure then Ares, imo.
  12. Energy
    Honestly I agree.
    Seeing a recorded video that's been compressed and uploaded to Youtube doesn't really give much of an idea regarding sound comparisons as it's going through a camera microphone.

    When comparing to your Holo Audio Spring you stated that you've owned the unit for awhile which the photos you provide deemed it to be true, however after owning the Ares and stating that the unit is superior to the Spring, you don't give much details on how or why. You just link readers to NOS measurements off of a Russian forum which can be misleading if you have any clue on how NOS works or precisely the Holo Audio Spring for that matter.
    I don't own a Ares or 8PRO2 however given their limited information provided by the designer or manufacturer, I have doubts of wanting one. As of current, Spring, Yggdrasil, or any Metrum Acoustics brand is more trusty than Denafrips for R2R related products until of course there are more serious reviews that surface rather than uploaded videos. Just my 2 cents.
    P.S. Is your speaker a full range speaker? Why do they have holes in them? Wouldn't that work against cone woofer rigidity and influence sound in a bad manner?
    I personally feel a text description on sound comparing two or more units is more appreciated than a video that sounds nothing like the actual sound produced.
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  13. abartels
    A useless text description indeed is useless, but it should be possible to compare two devices, and describe the differences between the two, that wouldn't be useless, spoken or in text message.
    Maybe put the volume at zero when recording and tell us what you think of the difference between the Denafrips DAC-8PRO2 R2R and the Denafrips Ares [​IMG]
    I would appreciate that A LOT [​IMG]
    But, I can understand what you meant by "useless text description", something like: it has better bass, or better highs or that kind of phrases, that indeed is useless.
  14. gunwale
    can you record 2 of the same songs with ares and pro. thanks. from your previous recording i i think pro is more musical. thanks
  15. abartels
    Ok, I think I'll unsubscribe from this thread, this leads to nowhere.
    This is elementary school talk.
    Will search other fora or sites for proper reviews.
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