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DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by pitbul34, Jan 28, 2017.
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  1. slex
    Appreciate your video comparison. Is your Asus EEE running in battery?
  2. PitBul34
    Thanks. Asus running in PSU.
  3. alvin1118
    Guys, I've a Terminator coming in early April. Shall report back to headfi on the details as soon as I get hold of it [​IMG]
  4. slex

    " I'll be back" until april before i get my Ares?
  5. rudra
    Just placed an order for the ARES  [​IMG]. I want to evaluate the unit and also the customer service before I decide to spend more money on the soon to be released  tomahawk dac
  6. slex
    Whats tomahawk dac?:grin:
  7. rudra
     Yet to be released DAC. It is supposed to be priced around $1.3k with NOS/OS switching similar to the Holo DAC level 1[​IMG] 
  8. slex
    Looks like a waves of NOS or R2R dac is coming.Sign of the end of DS dac:grin:
  9. lukeap69

    Agreed. And the prices keep getting better too. 600USD for AGD Singularity 19, Denafrips DAC-68 and ARES for almost the same price, then the Schiits Mimby and Bimby. Lots of reasonably priced DACs are available now. This should be the trend and not the TERMINATOR level price IMO... :)
  10. PitBul34
    Funeral of Delta\Sigma DACs )))
    ephrank likes this.
  11. rudra
    IMO death of DS DAC's are bit premature. There will always be someone who will prefer the DS over R2R. DAC's like Terminator, Holo Level 3 or any other brand  in that price range will be a niche market for those who can afford to chase the last 1%. 
  12. slex
    The latest ds dac offerings already in Handphones. Think that where ds dac belongs:grinning: You cant queeze a nos r2r in that:grin:
  13. slex
  14. PitBul34
    As Denafrips guys said, quote: "DENAFRIPS finalized the product line with Ares, Tomahawk, Venus, and Terminator. Tomahawk is to replace DAC-8PRO, Venus is to replace DAC-1Pro" 
    All models in new product line are R2R discrete ladder DACs.
  15. abartels
    DS chips also will evolve, and, some manufacturers actually DO invest in SQ instead of better specs only.
    Just curious how a good implemented Dual AK4497 would compare to one of the Denafrips R2R's............
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