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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. HOWIE13
    What's with this hum with the Russian made Tung-Sol 6SN7?
    I've used this tube in several amps and it's as quiet as any tube I possess then, after reading this thread, I tried two in DV and both hummed loudly in both channels. There must be some bad synergy or something else going on, and then it apparently goes with 'burn-in'-so what magic alchemy is going on here?. Weird and spooky.
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  2. HOWIE13
    Thanks @ThermalAlchemy.
    Sorry, I wasn't clear in my post as I was referring to the heater current but it doesn't matter as all the tubes I like are equal or less than the heater current of the stock tubes anyway.
    Those measurements you made are fascinating- 450V-well no wonder we are warned not to put our fingers inside these amps!
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  3. gvl2016
    Based on some info I could find the tubes tend to be gassy from the factory, also the metal surfaces may contain gas molecules that get released with heat. A gassy tube is more likely to hum due to heater to cathode leakage, but much also depends on the design of the tube. Over time the getter absorbs gases which reduces leakage and hum, this is likely why burning in helps.
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  4. ThermalAlchemy
    That was my very first choice of tubes to install when I throw away the factory Chinese tubes that came with the unit. For the money it's still one of my all-time favorites . One of the problems when you have too many tubes to roll you start to wear out the sockets I think soon I'm going to have to crack open my dark voice and replace the sockets because the pins are getting loose.
    One word of warning when listening to music just because something is recorded in FLAC or Hi-Rez or anything else that's supposed to be high grade audio recording. If somebody made a bad recording and passed it around recorded in Hi-Rez audio or FLAC or anything else it'll still sound bad with your best equipment best headphones with your favorite tubes. My son just found this out when he told me. " hey dad your HD 800 or your HD 650 With your DarkVoive and your HiFi DAC I did not hear anything special or any improvement in the music . And when I listened it sound like compressed audio a.m. radio recorded in a tin can because he went to the Internet to download some FLAC audio files of his favorite music but they're from people who made bad recordings from Bad sources but recorded it in FLAC .
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  5. Rafa Rocks

    I found a Sylvania 6SN7 NOS near my city , but i don't know about the quality. The one I found is a Japan model. Is it the same quality as the american ones? Is a good option or better look elsewhere...Any help?
  6. dobigstuff
    Rafa Rocks:

    Check my earlier Post #1443. Those are solid combos. All of those Tubes are dead quiet.

    Happy Rolling!
  7. Rafa Rocks
    Good morning !

    Some tubes to roll and play: Tung-Sol JAN, RCA and Sylvania JAN... Burnin the Tung Sol now...


    What do you think about that 6SNGTB Sylvania (JAPAN)? I have easy acess to that at a medium price...do you think is a good choice or better buy american ones...


    Thanks for the help.

    Unfortunately I am in Brasil and it is not easy to find good valves here...

    Thanks again

  8. Oskari
    That's a Toshiba 6SN7GTB.
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  9. Rafa Rocks
    Thanks for the info Oskari!

    Is that Toshiba a good option? What can you say about that Toshiba ?
  10. Oskari
    Not much as I haven't heard one. Toshiba has a good reputation as a maker of tubes, though.
  11. aisalen
    Ordered Darkvoice 336SE and RCA 6AS7G and Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB tubes from eBay based on the common recommendation from here to replace the stock once my amp arrived. I am going to pair it with HD650 hoping to top my current Jotunheim in terms of SQ.
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  12. HOWIE13
    Thought it might be worth recording that at present I'm enjoying excellent sound from my DV using 5998 and Tungsram E80CC, with suitable 12/6V adapter of course.
  13. Jim Spec
  14. Jim Spec
    I still think that the 6F8G with adapter does not get the attention it deserves. The price on this tube continues to rise quickly, however, for the money it is still one of the sweetest tubes I have used with the Darkvoice. It also does not run nearly as hot as most 6080 tubes. I really enjoy it with most classical and jazz collections. I have also used this tube with the Bottleneck Crack w/speedball with great success. I suggest giving it a try. Best, JS
  15. dobigstuff
    Jim Spec:

    Check my Post #1443 I show 4 different combos I have used with the Darkvoice.

    Below is the best for me with the HD 700's:
    Western Electric 421 A.jpg
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