D7000 VS. W1000X (quickie)
Oct 21, 2010 at 10:12 PM Post #17 of 17

Well my Concerto arrived yesterday and I am EXTREMELY please with it.  
I will say that with a serious amp the D7000 have absolutely taken off. I could not get over how clear, how precise, and how fast these babies could move. It's as it they got a shot of adrenaline... without the jitters and all the bad stuff haha.
W1000X has improved a fair amount, but not as much as the D7000, but also in a different way I am having a hard time putting into words. In all fairness, the W1000X never sounded like it was missing something or under-amped, the D7000 definitely did. 

I corresponded with Jorge from HeadRoom some time back regarding the D7000 and W5000. He advised that the D7000 benefits more from dedicated amplification than the W5000. This would also appear to be the case for the W1000X. I've found that Audio Technica phones are very efficient and even easier to drive than Grado's. I really do wonder if it's worth investing in a dedicated amp for them, if the improvement in sound quality is only going to be marginal.

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