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CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. Mayth
    Rock, metal, rap, electro... I listen to all kind of music but like it to be punchy, energetic and not too recessed. I'm happy with my Fibae 2 atm, but still have to turn the volume up to be satisfied (which could cause damages).
  2. Deezel177
    Based on @piotrus-g’s previous teases, the upcoming FIBAE 4 may best fit your needs.
  3. piotrus-g
    We don't have DD hybrids, only BA designs
  4. piotrus-g
    Hmm... FIBAE Black is great for these genres but it would seem you might prefer a bit more V-shaped sig and in that case, F4 might be good choice indeed.
  5. Mayth
    Hm, thanks Piotr !

    For the presale price, Fibae Black are perfect for me. And it seems they would do great with most of the genre I'm listening to. I don't like my highs to be too proeminent as I'm sibilance sensitive.
    Fibae 2 are great for me, but might lack a bit of energy.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  6. dbmeij
    Fibae blacks look awesome indeed!
    Great timing as well, since I'm looking for a step up in my IEM-game, but deciding between Fibae 2,3 (even 4?) and the blacks is tricky.

    Currently have the amazing gr07's, which i love for their comfort and sound. Would like to have a better soundstage, but in terms of signature, they are awesome. Same with (nonIEM ofcourse) HD598s. Lovely soundstage, love the vocal presence. Not much of a bass-head indeed.

    Listening to jazz (Dave Koz - Together Again), John Mayer, Dire Straits, Eagles, Clapton, CSNY, EWF, Toto etc. So not really the type of music that has been discussed here the last 2 weeks :wink:

    Budget would be around 500 euro, so all of the current fibaes are (kinda...) in budget, but I'd love your recommendation based on this music.

    Thanks so much!
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  7. Deezel177
    I haven’t heard the GR07 in years. But, if you’re looking for soundstage, vocal presence and a Sennheiser-esque signature, the Black certainly fits the bill. The Black definitely works with the artists you mentioned, though the only caveat I’ll throw out is articulation. Like the Sennheiser’s, the Black won’t necessarily be the most crisp-and-detailed-sounding IEM you’ll hear - not congested or veiled by any means, though. But, if that’s fine by you, it’s probably the most suitable for you out of all the FIBAE’s.
  8. Mayth
    @dbmeij I used to own the GR07 but could not stand their bright sound. Sibilance all the way, not enough kick for me to tap my foot.

    I'm really pleased with vocals, instrument separation, layering with my Fibae 2. For instance, Hotel California or Your latest trick are DELIGHTFUL with them. I wouldn't say soundstage is huge though. But with complex tracks such as Opeth, it works well !
    I too am a Sennheiser's signature fan, and they don't seem so far away from it.
  9. dbmeij
    Thanks for the replies @Mayth and @Deezel177! I've ordered them :)
    Can't be more exited and cannot wait until they arrive.
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  10. Cheapy
    I'm considering a set of the Fibae Blacks and just wondered if anyone could provide a reference to the Phonaks PFE 012 / 111 / 112 (Grey Filter)?

    I enjoy the neutral tone but would like a little bit more bass kick, but I can (and have) listened to these for hours with no discomfort or complaints about a fatiguing sound.
    I've got a set of DT990 for movies/games but with music I find their top end fatiguing after awhile so looking to avoid that extreme V shape sound.
    Most of my music is a mix of Pop/Rock/EDM/Orchestral so hoping the Fibae Black can fulfill the role of an improved Phonak PFE 112 with a greater bass response but without a tiring top end.
    From what I've read of the initial impressions I believe that I'm on the right track here with my choice within Custom Art's range?
    davidcotton likes this.
  11. piotrus-g
    PFE 111 was one of my first IEMs and I still like them a lot :) the Blacks are fairly similar. The have probably a bit more bass than on PFE with black filters but with one major different there's no bloat or lack of texturing that comes with upping the filters in PFEs, the mids are probably closer to grey filter, though I would say that they are more saturated and ticker at lower midrange part. The biggest difference will be in highs which PFEs have pretty boosted, while extension is pretty much similar, the highs are lower quantity which impacts the air. Still Blacks offer much bigger and deeper soundstage than PFEs
  12. dhruvmeena96
    @piotrus-g are you Elon Musk of audio world:dt880smile::dt880smile::dt880smile:!!!!!!!

    You are like

    Guys, we have a BA in our shelf, lets blow those top guns out

    Everywhere i go, i just see 5 stars for your product

    and people mind blown

    i tried the FIBAE 1 universal and i conclude

    why etymotic and Fitear F111 didnt tune like you did

    well, from Prelude and black comparision and seeing the graph of FIBAE 1 compared to Black

    i can pretty well imagine where the sound is going to

    lets see, i should take your measurement as benchmark for my project now

    you are my new sensei


    Two more new year resolution added

    Save money and get FIBAE BLACK(Indian Currency is weak)
    Get everyone in my family a black

    by the way i liked FIBAE 1 so much, that i stole it from my friend(Kidding, i paid him 10,000Rs ~ 130$)
    damm neutrality
  13. piotrus-g
    Thanks man! I appreciate your words and I'm happy you are enjoying our products :) Happy listening!
  14. Mayth
    I too pulled the trigger for the Fibae Black just before the discount ended.

    I will compare them to my Fibae 2 paired with the Cayin N5II as well as I can. :o2smile:
    piotrus-g likes this.
  15. Chapbass
    Oh no, I just realized the date. I placed my order on the CA website, but I'm still trying to get my impressions done.....am I going to miss out on the discount? :frowning2: :frowning2: :frowning2:
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