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CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. homzik
    If you placed an order during pre-order period, the price will also be reserved.
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  2. Chapbass
    Oh wait, forget I posted this. I see my order in the my account page. Sorry, I just freaked out for a second. :D
  3. cobhc2013
    Hey guys, really interested in the Fibae Black but I'm wondering if I should wait for the 4. I listen mainly to Death/Thrash metal and I generally like a more balanced/closer to flat sound signature.
  4. Deezel177
    The Black would probably suit the second criteria more, though I reckon the FIBAE 4 would be better for metal simply because of dynamism.
  5. cobhc2013
    Ah okay, it's really a minefield. I have a pair of Shure SE425's which are falling apart and I've also come to feel that they're a little too dry sounding, but at the same time I'm not looking for something with too much of a v shaped sound.
  6. Deezel177
    Ahh, the Black would suit you best then most probably.
  7. dhruvmeena96
    well, Here is one more revelation i came across when using FIBAE1.
    expensive cable are not justified, as i can't hear any change in sound

    but some people state some good changes in sound.. well okay, i believe them, because there can be some added resistance and cable property which can swing the graph

    but i read somewhere that FIBAE 1 with Effect audio ares, increased the bass impact

    @piotrus-g from your graph, your FIBAE 1 is impedance flat


    I think that is bullcrap and psychological satisfaction, because the impedance is not affecting anything..

    i saw the specs of FIBAE 1, and if AMP cannot make any difference, then cable wont
    only advantage is Microphonics

    I am not believer of any cables as such, but love benchmark media cable as they cost 30 bucks to 50bucks max and Benchmark media makes one of the best DAC and AMPS in the world
    The undisputed king, Bechmark Media DAC2HGC.

    I am more of a technical oriented guy(Check the home-made iem thread...the new post).
    Can you clear me out on this topic.

    Am i wrong or right

    Is it worth investing in expensive cable for FIBAE 1/Black


    well loving FIBAE 1

    review here, for new people
    @piotrus-g Open creation vs @piotrus-g proprietary creation


    post #7896

    well Open creation is better than 64audio u12t in bass and treble
    mids take a back place though

    loving the Dual CI + TWFK for pure enjoyment
    Loving FIBAE 1 for my studio work
  8. piotrus-g
    The answer is cross-talk and with better cable (any cable) that has higher gauge and at least 4 strands even with TRS Jack improvements are noticeable and measurable. The lower the crosstalk the more bass is recovered, but also there's an improvement in separation and imaging.
    The reduction in crosstalk between stock cable and Ares II is around -30dB as far as I remember.
    That's why we went with better cable for Black as it improves crosstalk performance over our standard stock cable which is 3-strand.
  9. dhruvmeena96
    Hmm, how to calculate and create cables then.

    I will use a neville thiele network circuit on y junction of cable and put a ferrite block on down plug...

    Is more than enough to take away crosstalk from wire and protect from EMF

    Hmmm.....that crosstalk.....that villain is here too

    But people claiming huge soundstage etc. I still dont believe it because I had Horus II from a friend of mine and I can't spot a difference though

    Still, can agree with bass distortion factor(low freq are easy to disturb)

    I tried FIBAE 3 universal today. OK, I think those have bellsing driver because I have one bellsing CI driver and they look same(but why is there no naming)

    Is it custom

    Well, custom art sound make me feel weird. As if, instruments are forced on correct place. Can't explain, I enjoy it, but when I insert it deeper, it goes away and thing sounds normal and closed in


    But I like this weird feeling

    And I didn't knew that Indians have custom art product too....all I though that they were basshead and bass bloat lover
  10. rantng
    @dhruvmeena96 Looking forward to when you create your first IEM. I admit most (all?) of what is being discussed is over my head, but you seem to have a pretty good grasp of IEM tuning and what you're not sure of you question & research extensively, always a good sign in this industry. Maybe one day you'll be the first (don't know if there are any ATM) Indian IEM company.
  11. annasoh323
    Any CustomArt customers in the US willing to share their experiences with the least fun parts of this buying process, namely, shipping and customs? I have my impressions and am trying to figure out how to send them. I've got a customs form filled out from USPS and I'm presuming the post office folks will help me out when I get there but any reassurances that a First-Class box will do the trick would be nice. Also, seeing CustomArt's disclaimer about customs charges triggered a new wave of fear of the bureaucracy. What has to happen between CA sending out the package from their factory and my opening said package in my house?
  12. homzik
    1. You'll have to fill in USPS's CN22 or CN23 form. You need to put low value there so that the parcel reaches CA quickly.

    2. When CA dispatches your IEMs, you'll probably have to pay some import taxes to UPS. In case of the US, it's typically around 10%. You won't receive the parcel if you don't regulate the bill.
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  13. muschem
    I used registered airmail via USPS, per CustomArt's instructions, and everything went fine. It did take 3-4 trips back and forth to the counter at the local post office to figure out all the forms and get the package prepared for international shipping, but that part would probably have gone smoother had I ever shipped something outside of the US before :wink:
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  14. akared
    I might have been lucky as I have shipped to Custom Art 3 times and I never really have to pay import taxes. The package went through custom just fine. However, when you ship to Custom Art, please ensure that you specify what's in the package. I put 'electronics' once and the package got stuck at Poland customs.
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  15. annasoh323
    I'm calling it "Pair of silicone molds" and hoping for the best and keeping to their recommended valuation. Does anything happen when they send the new products to me i.e. customs office in US holds it and I have to do something? I don't think I've ever ordered anything internationally (or at least not where I've worried about such things).

    Edit: missed other folks' suggestions; thanks to everyone for your help

    How is that import tax communicated to me and how do I pay it? Is it through the shipping company?

    In the Information Age, such things should be easier to figure out... Thanks for encouragement. First for everything and this is mine when it comes to bouncing something to another country.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
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