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CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. homzik
    UPS might contact you in order to describe parcel's contents details (e.g. 1 pair of earphones) or send payment confirmation.
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  2. annasoh323
    That doesn't sound so bad... I suppose I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Thanks to everyone for their help! Next task: get through to the end of the work day and book it to the post office before they close in a couple of hours...
  3. rantng
    For the description I usually put ear plugs, as not everyone will understand what ear molds or ear impressions are.
  4. subguy812
    I see you are in HA. I do not know if it is the same as the lower 48. I have sent and received a few packages from Custom Art. I put like $10 value on the packages I have sent. USPS is the way to go. It seems to take longer for the item to reach Custom Art than anything they ever ship to me. If memory serves it was close to a month before they received what I sent, and I will receive from them in just a couple of days. I have NEVER(I hope I don't jinx myself) been contacted by customs here in the USA. I have never had to pay any additional fees, I can't say you will have the same experience but each of my experiences from Poland have been the same.
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  5. dhruvmeena96
    I think the best cable which acually did something huge of a difference was only one

    The Penon Draco

    it is a 16braid which looks amazing in eyes and seems that a lot of silver compared to other brands
  6. annasoh323
    Thanks for the tips. I'll keep a weather eye out for what's going on.

    Well, dang. I'll not be holding my breath, then. All's well: I'll just put "The Song That Never Ends" on repeat for the next couple of months while I wait. Hopefully many of the other orders will be processed by then. This has been an enlightening process so far. Thanks to everyone who is helping me walk through it.

    Edit: whoops, accidentally deleted the extra bracket for the quote. My bad.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
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  7. jeffhawke
    Hope so, it's already the middle of January and I still haven't made myself my Xmas gift: my very first CIEM! FIBAE 4 could be one of the final contenders, if we could just know a little bit more about it (hint hint)...
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  8. crabdog
    Yes, I'm also super curious about the 4. :couple_with_heart:
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  9. CalvinW
    Since FIBAE black wasn't available in silicone and FIBAE 4 won't be either, are you guys looking to move away from silicone? I'm still very tempted to try my first silicone CIEM
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  10. davidcotton
    Pros and cons to silicone as ever. I thought I would prefer silicone but much prefer the ease and durability of acrylic. If you want silicone then I believe fibae 2 is available in it.
  11. subguy812
    I did not think any FIBAE could be done in silicone.
  12. kubig123
    As far as I know you can order the Fibae 2 & 3 in silicone.
    The new Fibae 4 will be available only in acrylic.
  13. CalvinW
    I have the FIBAE 3 in acrylic already, so I guess I will keep on waiting...
  14. Wyville
    If I remember correctly @Deezel177's FIBAE 2 were made in silicone and so he might be able to say more about how those are to use long term. I seem to vaguely remember him thinking about getting a re-shell in silicone on his H8.2, but I am not sure about that. In any case, a good excuse for me to ping him and pile on more work for him... :p
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  15. Deezel177
    No problem whatsoever, my friends - currently typing this whilst dining in my third-favourite (and fifth-most-affordable) sushi place after a piano lesson with an unfinished [REDACTED] review draft on one tab, faceplate artwork ideas on another, and a pair of [REDACTED TOO] review units in my ears... but I also have time to answer a question or two. :wink:

    I covered the ergonomic differences between acrylic and silicone here:

    "The FIBAE 2 is my very first silicone IEM. Having owned six acrylic monitors with varying builds, fits and finishes, the FIBAE 2 is certainly a unique wearing experience. Overall, it fits slightly tighter than my acrylic Custom Art Harmony 8.2, but it forms far less breakable seals and adheres to the skin more effectively too. As a result, you get superior isolation and comfort, and a stronger feeling of seamlessness between your inner ear and the bodies of the IEM. It does take a few days to break in the silicone’s initial density and rigidity – and to learn how to properly push them in and pull them out – but they’re an absolute joy to wear and use afterwards."

    In terms of long-term maintenance, I typically keep them in a Pelican case with desiccant inside. After every use, I'd spray on some isopropyl alcohol and wipe with a microfibre cloth. Piotr suggested paper towels once, but I know how abrasive they can be. I don't know whether or not they'd introduce scratches onto the shells. Hope this answers your questions! :D
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