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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. annasoh323
    Wait whaaaa- That's... that's amazing. CustomArt is like a flash mob of customer service.
    What'll probably happen to me is that I'll be listening, then realize I'm hungry or something, take them out, start looking at them, then forget that I was hungry.
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  2. Dobrescu George
    I'm also in love with the clear plates, really gives you some insight on how much work went into making those little babies :)
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  3. subguy812
    Yes that is the stock cable for the Black...a new Plastics1 cable
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
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  4. jago
    Ti's a beauty of a cable!
  5. subguy812
    So how was your first day with your new FIBAE Black?
  6. jago
    It was honestly amazing thanks :)

    Not had that feeling from an audio purchase for a long time. Been out of the game too long.
    Listening to anything from Pink Floyd to metallica. The blacks handle it all. Every single aspect of the audio has depth and clarity I've never heard before. (Got to remind myself that this is a single BA design.....SINGLE! That's unbelievable!)

    . .... Now take this with a pinch of salt as I've never delved into this price bracket before......
    But single BA designs are always lacking to me. A nice hybrid BA / DD sounds a lot meatier down low... . But the blacks are on another level completely. Lows have depth and crystal clear, no bleeding into the mids. Mids are forward and have so much detail. And the highs are non fatiguing, never heard a symbal crash like it. Wow.
    I think with the single BA and pressure optimisation design there is just that level of cohesion throughout the whole sound. (it's quite difficult to explain, like a very very good single driver speaker say Zu Audio) With the depth of each aspect being so detailed.... Well this is the sound signature for me!

    Can't fault a single thing and not wanting anything more!

    It just sound right! And with so many genres. (all music was 24/96 HDTracks or vinyl rips. With a few 24/192 albums)

    Have the afternoon to myself today so failing in love again with some older albums I haven't listened to in a long time :)

    Happy listening.
  7. jeffhawke
    Wow! It's really refreshing to hear someone like you so truly and thoroughly enjoy a good product, as these FIBAE Black certainly appear to be, and without breaking the bank on top of it. I'll wait until the FIBAE 4 is finally released, and then I'll decide which side of the pool to dive into...
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  8. jago
    Thanks. To be fair I've been extremely fortunate to get back into the game prior to the blacks announcement. Timing was pretty much perfect!
    I was always going with CA, just wasn't sure on model. So I read a lot. Asked a lot questions, and these seemed to be just what I wanted.
    Always a gamble though, buying, trying, selling.... It can be a vicious circle...a very enjoyable one though :)

    These are spot on for me. Lows. Mids. Highs. It's all amazing.

    A great test track for me is Lordes track 'Royals' off her album Pure Heroine.

    The intro is some serious low bass. This can easily ruin the mids and just sound terrible on other earphones. The blacks go low. The subbass is great. The vocal are crystal clear and all the way through. Just sounds really really good.

    Its all subjective of course, for me these hit the mark very well across the board.

    Now, I need to find an over ear with the same sound sig and I'm set!
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  9. annasoh323
    Wait, this one?

    I'm not hearing much subbass. In fact, it's kind of honky and has a weird... grassy(?) texture. I'll listen some more and ruminate on it.

    Seriously though, your endorsement of this 'phone is making me salivate. I should have put a GPS tracker in my shipping box...
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  10. jago
    Haha. Brilliant!

    Think my sentences got jumbled up a bit. Meant the blacks have good subbass.
    And that the test track is clear in all freq :)
    No bass bleed into the mids.

    They're a great set. Very happy with them.
  11. jeffhawke
    Don't know what your budget is, but I got myself a relatively new product, Spirit Torino Twin Pulse, and these are by far the best headphones I listened to (and I tried/owned quite a few). Sub-bass, bass, mids, highs, everything has its properly defined space, a truly linear response while maintaining great musical properties. Soundstage is huge (they're open back) and the positioning of the performers on stage is so precise, you perceive the movements in a live concert. In other words, this is the closest to a live performance (or to a recording) I ever experienced through headphones, and of course a crappy recording will immediately be apparent. Also, they are not exactly cheap but, to me at least, worth every penny!
  12. ustinj
    Set of FIBAE Black is in -- can't wait to give these some ear time in the next few days! Something to note: I find the single-flange stock tips included do not really do these IEMs justice. Swap out for a wide-bore set, IMO!

    Here's a quick picture taken on my phone. More eye candy to come (sooner or later).

    Last edited: Jan 25, 2019
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  13. Deezel177
    I see yours was the one featured on @piotrus-g's Instagram yesterday. :wink:
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  14. davidmolliere
    Interesting headphone tech never heard about it... but man the price...
  15. jeffhawke
    Yeah, I know. Kills a Utopia though, IMHO
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