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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Nerdybeng
    I've tried just the app on my phone through analog and through bluetooth. I also tried playing through HiBy app with the amp, and switching SXFi mode on and off.
    Honestly, I didn't notice any difference between amp and app. But then I'm using headsets that are relatively easy to drive, HD598 and Nura. Switching the SXFi mode on and off definitely makes a bigger difference.
    I suspect that people coming from a home theatre setup and live music will love SXFi immediately, while those who are more accustomed to headphones will take a while to warm up. The spatial difference from regular headphone sound is clear as night and day, outside the head vs inside the head. However, I found myself missing the regular headphone sound at first. A good headphone setup creates an intimate mini-theatre in your head, with clear spatial specificity, and super-charged resolution that one might not get even when listening live. Details are amplified, perhaps artificially. But if you've grown to love such an intimate sound signature, then you might feel an initial letdown when first trying SXFi. I found myself asking, is this really the "better" sound? While the sound has been taken out of my head, the spatial specificity - the direction of the sound - actually felt a little poorer. And some details seemed to have lost their "lustre".
    I have a nice pair of Elac 330 Crystal Edition, but alas not the right room for it... (SXFi is designed to emulate Elac sound, but of a different model of speakers.) I've been more reliant on my HD598, Nura and Aurvana 3 for the last few years.
    Now, having using SXFi for about a month, I've really come to prefer it for most things. It's not so much that the details are lost, but that I had grown accustomed to a different mode in which they're presented, i.e., in your head. Now, SXFi just feels much more natural.
  2. x7007
    what do I do if it says sxfi app not support my country? where can I get it?? please
  3. limjohn5
    Good experience review. I too feel SXFI is the natural way to listen to music and the only way now to watch movies now. Like you say it is night and day switching SXFI on and off and i must warn anyone who buys it, because it will in one way or another change your headphone listening experience forever and there is a chance you will not turn back after that.
  4. limjohn5
    Currently it is only available in Singapore android app store and it will only be launch in US app store in Dec when they deliver the SXFI amp.
  5. x7007
    it's not possible to get the APK and install it directly ? there are so many apk but many are fakes and such. can someone give me the real apk MB or hash/MD5 data so I can check it before ?
  6. froes
    I tried Proxy, VPN, another Google account. The problems remained.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  7. x7007
    Green or Amber Surround is On ?? why they don't say it anywhere lol......

    Guys, would it be ok to double amp ??? because I like to control my volume with External Amp .

    I hate it when it's WindowS Volume control
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  8. blazinblazin
    Green is On
  9. x7007
    I got the APK , it works but it stop when it wants to download something at the start , saying I need to try to download from google store .
    any one have idea how to get the thing it wants to download ? can anyone zip his whole folder that it downloads and we can copy the data that is missing ?
  10. blazinblazin
    I guess it need to connect back to database for the AI to pair a profile for you. So without official release. It is not link to the database.
  11. phoenixdogfan
    Should be ok to use the dongle just as a DAC and connect it to your analog amp. I'm planning on buying it and connecting it to my IDSD Micro, so I can drive my higher end cans.
  12. x7007
    Guys... listen to what I was thinking..

    If we can't use the app, how will the SXFI amp knows which headphones we use ? 32 ohms , 64 , 250 , 300 ,600 ?? I mean it could use 32 ohms from what it cares ... so we need External amp so handle the headphones at the right amp cause from all we knows it using 32 ohms without proper calibration and headphones selection ... do I have a point ? because I think we can't use it properly nore AMP and right sound Levels without the APP .. to fix the amp issue we can use external amp cause I don't think the AMP will work default at 600 ohms , not as long you don't set it ..
  13. obiwon
    Amp works great to my ears without the app. I think it will be even better with the app. As for headphone profiles I don’t know but I have used 4 different headphones and they all worked great.
  14. Ripley
    Has Creative posted a list somewhere of the headphone profiles they currently have available? I've poked around online but have yet to find an explicit list.
  15. obiwon
    I saw it once but can no longer find it. I recall the creative aurvana and teaks were in there. But they work with everything I’ve tried so far: iPhone earbuds, Bose sport earbuds, beoplay h9 and audeze isine20.
    Ripley likes this.
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