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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. AppleheadMay
    I'll try to order it (haven't found it in Europe yet) and test it with the Zappiti, should be fun.
    Does an app need to be installed in Android to use it for sound output? I have hardly any knowledge about Android.

    And for the ear mapping, is that only available on Android and not IOS?

    I won't use BT, I prefer cables.
  2. obiwon
    you dont need an app to use it. just plug it into the source on one end and your headphones on the other and it just works. you need the app for ear mapping and headphone profiling (not sure which headphones have been profiled there is a list somewhere) but as i said its not required as i am more than impressed with the sound without the app.

    there is an android app on google play i believe. i dont have android so have only heard this second hand. the iphone app will be out someday. i listen to music on my pc so i dont really even know if there will be a windows version. but even if there is no app i am very happy with it. there is an integrated iphone bluetooth headphone i will get when it comes out which will be nice to get rid of the dongle and wires and i can use it at the gym.

    they are for sale on ebay shipped from singapore. thats where i got mine and it works fine.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
  3. AppleheadMay
    Ok, thank you very much!

    Any idea if it can be bought somewhere and have it shipped to Europe?
  4. obiwon
  5. AppleheadMay
    Meh! :wink:
  6. limjohn5
    You do need to use an android phone version 7.0 and above, to take the photos of your ears and face to personalised the dongle. (Currently the only way to personalised)(one time setup)

    Not sure whether it will work on Android box but I think if the box can recognise the SXFI amp and output PCM via USB to the SXFI amp then it should work.

    IOS is not officially supported but you can use a hack via the Apple camera dongle.
  7. limjohn5
    From a review, think they are coming to Europe in Jan only.
  8. Fox1977
    Unless i missed something recently, iOS is not officially supported, there is a workaround with some additional device (the Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter) but since there is no app, i suppose you cannot map your own ear to get the personalized HRTF (or the one that is the closest in their database) and therefore if you have to use a generic HRTF, you will not have the wow effect that others get.
    Is it possible to plug it on an Android device, scan your ear and load from it the HRTF in the SXFI and then use it on iOS ? is the HRTF stored in the dongle itself or in the app ?
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  9. limjohn5
    The data is stored in the dongle, so just setup once with the android phone (currently only android phone or tablet) can do the setup and then you are free to use it with iOS, pc, mac, PS4, switch, android.
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  10. Fox1977
    Thanks for the information, it's good to know and even though i should get the A16 in the forthcoming weeks (i doubt it)/months (more likely)/years (i hope not !), it may convince me to spend a rather small fee (compared to the A16) and enjoy surround sound on the go on my iPhone...
  11. Vader2k
    I'm trying to find this info on their page, but coming up short. Does the PS4 send full multi-channel audio to the Super X-Fi, or is it just downmixed stereo, similar to what the Audeze Mobius receives?
  12. limjohn5
    PS4 only activated stereo output for the USB audio output. So SXFI will only receive stereo and then make it 7.1
  13. Vader2k
    Cool, thanks for the info. I just recently picked up the G6 and I'm getting 5.1 multi-channel from the PS4 over optical, so I think for this use case, the G6 seems the better choice for me.

    That said, I'm still quite curious to try the Super X-Fi out!
  14. Ripley
    Any word on when the Android app will be available in the US?
  15. limjohn5
    A new interview of Mr. Sim of Creative on SXFI by PCWorld is on Youtube
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