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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. limjohn5
    Should be in Dec when the SXFI amp ships to US
  2. blazinblazin
    It will be in December together with the shipping of the Super X-fi
  3. jaakkopasanen
    Sound localization to above you is very typical for speaker virtualization on headphones if there is no personalization. Low front localization is the most difficult thing to achieve and basically only well personalized systems can achieve this. The entire point of Super X-Fi is the personalization so without it you might as well be using any of the other speaker virtualization systems such as HeSuVi. You'll probably get significantly better front localization without sounds coming above you when you actually get the app and do the personalization.
  4. obiwon
    thanks for the suggestion. while i have no been able to do the personalization, the general profile they use is 1000X better than stereo. so i cant wait to do the ear mapping.

    i just installed HeSuVi and here are my results. while HuSeVi was noticeably different from standard stereo, it was not a big difference and is still a far cry from SXFI. using bohemian rhapsody "Galileo, Galileo" section as the test case, in stereo the sound is (annoyingly) right ear left ear. it is harsh and direct into your ear like the person is beside you speaking directly into your ear. in HuSeVi the sound is a little up right and a little up left. much less unnatural and annoying but in SXFI it is much higher up right and much higher left as if you were in a concert hall.

    the other thing to note is that HuSeVi is still very much like stereo in that the sound is still "in your head". while you get directional information, 99% of the sound is inside your head. this is the same with dolby atmos and THX spatial.

    the BIG DIFFERENTIATOR with SXFI is that the sound is spatial. 100% of the sound is outside your head. YOU LITERALLY THINK IT IS COMING FROM IN FRONT OF YOU LIKE WHEN YOU ARE LISTENING TO GOOD STEREO SPEAKERS PROPERLY POSITIONED. I LITERALLY THINK OTHER PEOPLE AROUND ME CAN HEAR THE MUSIC. the imaging and soundstage is like 2 stereo speakers 10 feet away angles so that the sound image is directly centered in front of you. and then if there is some guitar to the left you hear it from that direction but its not like the guitar is right next to your ear like in stereo. its like it would sound if the guitar sound came from the left speaker in a traditional speaker setup.

    so unless you try SXFI i do not think you can believe this. you really ought to try it. its only $150 so cheap. it is way different (and superior) to dolby atmost, THX spatial, HuSeVi. it should be in every computer, television, mobile phone and headphone. it should be the new audio output standard. maybe the smith realizer is equivalent. but that is not mobile and costs $4000.

    i suspect it is also less damaging to ears when listening to loud music on headphones. it is much gentler on your ears it seems to me.

    if you cannot tell this thing has blown me away.

    p.s. i just did an A/B test of HuSeVi on my SXFI output with a range of music. the HuSeVi sounded awful. it was like listening to music in a tunnel. distant and echoey. SXFI is like being in a concert.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
  5. obiwon
    if you are using SXFI on PC make sure to configure the output to be 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality). not 96000 Hz or 44100 Hz. 48000 Hz gives the most detail and bass
  6. limjohn5
    Great that you are really enjoying it. Wait till you do the personalisation and the headphone selection. You will enjoy it even more and you can even tweak the eq to your liking after all that too.

    SXFI sound is grounded, like how it is sound from a real 7.1 system and yes all my hearing fatigue is gone too as it is not rough on your ears but still don’t push the volume too much though haha.
  7. obiwon
    yeah i never turned the volume up before because it hurt my ears and they would ring afterwards. but with SXFI i can totally listen to it at 100 and its not harsh and my ears dont hurt afterwards.

    you should try it! its loud but comfortable. its reminds me of watching a live band at the bitter end in greenwich village but without the crowd and the smell of sweat and beer. same feeling and emotion.
  8. x7007
    can I use external amp?
  9. edwardsean
    Personally, I want to try and avoid double amping. For those of you with the SXFi Android app, have you tried using just the app with an amp or DAP?

    How much do you lose by using just the software processing without the SXFi amp chip?
  10. Skylit
    So.. i'm basically **** out of luck if I down own an android device? From what I understand, creative doesn't want to get apple certified.. and requires a janky work around without native app support.

    Would love to preorder as Aurvana headphones are honestly GREAT... but this release seems half assed. At bare min, there should be desktop software...
  11. limjohn5
    You can try to ask a friend or family member who has an android to do the one time setup. From what i know, Apple doesn't allow some information (required by the SXFI amp) to be transfer via their lightning output but there is no restriction via bluetooth so creative will be launching Apple app along with their new bluetooth headphone SXFI air so that apple and android users can set their profile and transfer the required information via bluetooth on to their SXFI air. As for desktop application, they are working on a desktop app where you are able to change the headphone and profile selection but it is not going to have the face and ears scan function.
  12. obiwon
    maybe my ears and face are just "average" but i have not done any mapping as i use it on PC and it still sounds great. am waiting for the apple airs.
  13. obiwon
    can i use the apple airs with a PC? will it be able to pair with any bluetooth source or only apple? once you have the airs programmed via the apple app can you then use the airs with other bluetooth sources and get the sxfi sound?
  14. limjohn5
    From the website, it should be like any other bluetooth headphone which work with any bluetooth source once it is setup using the app.
  15. obiwon
    great. now i hope creative is also working on a SXFI dac with wired and bluetooth output so i can transmit to any headphone. but ultimately i would want all the headphone makers just to adopt SXFI maybe with a on/off switch. that would be simplest.
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