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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Nerdybeng
    Got mine earlier in Singapore. App wasn't available when I made my preorder. It only be became available when the actual product could be collected or delivered. I guess it's the same in USA.
  2. InfernoFZ
    Current headphones list

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  3. limjohn5

    Super X-Fi, Sound Blaster AE-9 reveal, and PC memories with Ryan from Creative | The Full Nerd Ep 77
  4. justanut
    Been playing with this the past few days and I must say I’m impressed! I setup the amp on my spare Android, but have been doing most of my listening on the new iPad Pro which as a USB-C and connects straight without needing any camera connector kit. Caveat: i’m using my Bose QC 35II with the SXFI cos it’s the only headphone I have that is on the list. Tried the creaky chap Aurvana that they gifted but decided to stow it lol..

    Music - As an amp, it works wonders to drive the headphones to louder volumes while keeping all the characteristics of the headphones. With SXFI on, the soundstage opens up, not just horizontally in the Y-axis but also in the Z-axis if you know what I mean. Vocals don’t feel like they’re in your head anymore. No it’s not really a 5.1/7.1 speaker setup, with speakers being physically further away from you to start with. But it’s not bad.. i’m enjoying it so much I’m not switching it off at all. Yes some songs do sound a tad too sibilant, it those are rare. For the most part I do not detect much loss in detail and the gains are very noticeable.

    Movies - On the iPad the effects are actually not that WOW, especially if you’re watching something with lots of narrative.. the voices sound odd and echoey.. but plug this baby into a computer (in my case an iMac) and the WOW kicks in. I choose AC3 sound from my iTunes movies and the sound effects through the SXFI is pretty damn amazing. Not full body booming like a proper home theatre setup but defeinitelt better than any other headphone alterntiatives out there.. and to my ears better than the 2.1 desktop setup I have.

    Conclusion - Intially I was underwhelmed, but as I started using it more and over a longer period of time before going back to my normal gear, the differences became apparent. I do not think I can ever go back to non-SXFi audio experience any more.. at least not now. So yeah you got to use it for a longer period of time to appreciate it. A quick listen at the shops won’t do this little wonder justice.
  5. limjohn5
    Glad you are enjoying it. If you are watching movies from your iMac, do make sure you set the right settings like 5.1 and 7.1 if the movie has that. Here is the link from SXFI website on setting for Mac. http://support.sxfi.com/using-the-s...uide-to-setup-the-sxfi-amp-for-use-with-macos

    Right settings will make it sound like 5.1/7.1 system and it really wowed me.
  6. InfernoFZ
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2018
  7. blazinblazin
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  8. x7007
    Any idea when it's going to bloody released to everyone ? I want to set it on my android already.............
  9. obiwon

    this windows app has limited use without having the iphone app. you need the phone app (apple or google play) to register your profile and scan your ears. then you can utility this windows app. without it all you can do is use it as a graphic equalizer.

    when is the iphone app going to be available?
  10. obiwon
    its also worth mentioning that the SXFI amp is a very high quality amp/dac that can drive very high-end headphones. i took it to a hifi store to demo some headphones and the owner told me it would never be able to drive the audeze. well it drove it just as well as his very expensive high end amps (questyle $799). there was zero difference in fidelity and output to my ears. he was amazed (and disappointed i would not be buying an expensive amp).

    so even if you do not like the SXFI effect, it is very useful as a $150 hifi amp in a very small form factor and weight that you can travel with.
  11. Richter Di
    Why are the Creative people making it so complicated. I allready bought the SXFI from Singapoure (will open it at christmas) and now they make it almost impossible to install it correctly. Why?
  12. InfernoFZ
    This is the DAC that they are using, AKM AK4377 DAC


    The official Europe release is in Jan 2019
  13. edwardsean
    Hey guys, not sure if you know, but the SXFi app is live now in the U.S. on the google play store.

    For me though I’m going to try and use it within my DAP since it has a far superior DAC/amp than the Creative dongle.

    Has anyone tried using the app with headphone mapping without the dongle from a high grade DAP?

    According to this reviewer the echoey vocals, poor midrange tonality, bloomy bass, and rolled-off trebles keep the SXFi effect from being a true audiophile solution. He was otherwise impressed with its dramatic soundstage expansion and capabilities for movie surround sound.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2018
  14. x7007
    pff so we still don't have the best next thing again ....
    and why can't they release global and only Singapore and now just USA . why not global! what will happen if they release it global so I can use it argg
  15. obiwon
    the reason for singapore only was to serve as a pipecleaner and it is local to creative. there were kinks in the software that they had to work out. this is also why it has been android only. as the kinks get worked out they release it to more markets (with more language support, hence, EU later) and on the iphone. creative is a small company so they need to control the rollout so they are not overwhelmed and customers get angry.
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