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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. froes
    So customers got angry because of having it laying around, not fully working with missed configuration app.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2018
  2. obiwon
    well if you dont live in singapore then its your fault for getting it before its released in your market.
  3. froes
    Oh, I'm a really bad unpatient boy! Shame on me! (Someone may call it early bird.)
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  4. obiwon
    i actually think it works great out of the box without using the app. im really interested how much better it will be after my ear scan and headphone profile are added.

    UPDATE: so i used a friends android phone to setup my amp. the ear and face scanning was pretty slick. as for the headphone profiles, my cans were not listed so i just picked another one by sennheiser. i cannot tell how much of a difference it makes in terms of the SXFI experience. i can definitely say that it improved the sound when the amp has SXFI turned off. so i imagine it made the SXFI sound better as well. its just really difficult for me to compare the sound from memory. it definitely did not make it worse. but i am just not sure how much better the sound is now. since i do not have an android phone i cannot make changes to my profile. hopefully the iphone app comes out soon.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2018
  5. Richter Di
    I really hope you are joking
  6. obiwon
    not in the least
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  7. Richter Di
    That is very unfortunate.
  8. obiwon
    much less unfortunate than those who feel entitled to make unreasonable demands on a company.
  9. Richter Di
    Sorry, you got the wrong guys.
    I do not think anyone has unreasonable demands towards Creative.
    I think the opposite is true. Why would a company go through the extra effort to make sure that products bought in one country are not usable in another? This behaviour speaks volumes. It reminds me on the way like old, not consumer oriented, industries behave. And believe me I had my fair share of this in my work life.
    If someone likes to be an early adopter and wants to promote my product? Why not? Why hinder him doing this?
  10. obiwon
    i dont think you have been following creatives release of this product. they have only released it in singapore because that is their local market and there is a small population. they wanted to use it as a pipecleaner to work out any issues before they did a broader release.

    the next market they released it in is the US. i am not sure if they have shipped the product yet, but they just the other day released the android app in the us. europe is after this and then row.

    so anyone who has purchased the products in singapore and the us can now use it fully. this is how creative intended and it is totally acceptable and reasonable.

    it is entirely creatives perogative how to release a product. if you purchased the product outside of the official markets (like i did) then you must accept that it will not be supported in your market. this is completely reasonable and if you are upset about it then you are being unreasonable. i purchased the product 2 months ago knowing it would not have the app but i wanted to see how it sounded. i waited patiently for 2 months for the app. no problem.

    if you want to be an early adopter outside of the supported market, then be a big boy and accept the consequences without complaint. or else dont be an early adopter.
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  11. Richter Di
    At least we are getting somewhere.
    But yes, I followed Creatives release very closely and from the earliest beginning. I signed up on every surface there was from there side but never received anything from them. Which is not very good marketing as you are loosing leads.

    I do not ask Creative to make an app available outside the market they are releasing to, maybe you are still confusing me with somebody else.
    I also bought it from Singapore knowing I will not be able to use it fully until the app has been released.

    Do I understand you correctly that now, as the app is released in the US, you can use the app with the dongle bought in Singapore?
    Because this all I am hoping for and I would be frustrated if that would not work.
  12. obiwon
    U replied to my reply to someone who bot the amp outside of an official market and was angry that the app was not available. So i No idea where you were going with this.

    At any rate I bot the amp a few months ago and the Android app was just released this week and I now have it all setup and working fine.
  13. illram
    Played around with this last night and left some more detailed impressions in MLE's Headphone Gaming Guide thread. Long story short: with an HD800S playing Black Ops 3 in 7.1 on Windows I was blown away. Better than OOYH in my opinion. Rear cues were right on the money, there was definitely very accurate directionality and positioning of the channels. Best I have heard yet.

    Definitely more of a "room full of speakers" effect rather than the headphone virtual surround DSP's I am used to. (SBX, etc.).

    Reading back through the thread it seems some thought they were getting good directional audio using Atmos through this. Im a little confused by that as my understanding is this only virtualizes PCM audio and it cannot decode Dolby Atmos, DD+, or any other encoded bitstreams. Correct?

    Related: anyone aware of a device or chain or devices that can decode Dolby Digital into discrete 5.1 PCM channels out to USB?
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
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  14. obiwon
    because of SXFI i became motivated to get the Audeze LCD-4. so i have been sitting here listening to it for the past 6 hours, here are my impressions.

    the LCD-4 are the best headphones i have listened to. i have tried about a dozen mid to high-end phones. the sound is crystal clear and smooth with a very pleasing frequency response to my ears. they have a very good soundstage in comparison to other headphones. really no complaints.

    but as great as they are, i would not want to listen to them too long without SXFI.

    with the SXFI they sound is incredible and they are very easy to listen to. i could listen to them all day which i have done most of today. what you get is crystal clear sound and detail that seems to emanate out of thin air in front of and around you. it is amazing to listen to.

    what i used to hate about headphones was the unnatural harsh sound (even with the LCD-4 but to a much lesser extent) where the sound comes directly next to your ears and the image is inside your head. its not natural. some may complain that SXFI removes detail but i do not feel that at all. to me its the opposite where the sound is much deeper and richer and, most importantly, natural sounding.
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  15. limjohn5
    Same here. I am using SXFI amp with emu teak and it is just simply amazing and natural and with movies it is impeccable.
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