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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Flash676
    There seems to be a lot of positive comments, so let me state that I am rather underwhelmed given the hype.

    I listened through a pair of Audeze LCD-4z headphones and Shure SE846 IEMs. The content was a mix of video games, demo material that I frequently use with my home theater, and some music. The source was my PC. Interesting side note: Kodi on my Android tablet crashes when I start it with the amp plugged in.

    I have two main complaints, both of which I have with nearly every HRTF solution I've tried. The first is that I can usually establish sounds as coming from the front or even the side, but never from behind. I was optimistic that the head mapping might fix this, but that was not the case.

    The second is that there's a definite artificial quality to the sound, but the extent of it is not always consistent. There are times when there is excessive reverb/echo. Some of the reviews available online complained about this with vocals and voices in music. I agree, but I've also noticed it in games when sounds don't have a well-defined source, like menu sounds or dialogue. There were a few other times in games where I noticed excessive reverb/echo where small shifts in my in-game positioning would make it go away; given a statically positioned sound source, I could rotate or reposition myself with respect to the source to hear the reverb either become excessive or go away entirely.

    Overall it seems like another decent option with its own set of drawbacks. I've yet to try anything that I would state is definitively better than everything else.
  2. limjohn5
    Do make sure you set the SXFI amp to 7.1 and also the player to output 7.1 and switch off all mixing. Only then will the sound comes clearly from the back. You use the 7.1 channel test on Pc sound testing to make sure the sound is coming from the back.
  3. Erik Garci
    The Arvus H2-UDMA can but costs over $3k.
  4. illram
    Thanks. Yes, this is a super niche and therefore expensive need. The other solution I found was a frankenstein monster of a Behringer multi-channel interface plus an ADAT to USB converter. Which would look hideous just on a desk...
  5. Flash676
    Yes. This isn't limited to the SXFI amp. I've never been able to localize sounds from the rear with any HRTF solution that I've tried.
  6. justanut
    You might want to get your hearing checked? My dad had the same difficulties discerning sound from behind him.

    Anyhow, I hope your experience with the amp was longer than just a couple of hours.. Cos it makes a difference between actually having used it and just experiencing it for a bit.
  7. Richter Di
    Just got the Creative Super X-Fi for Christmas. Hoped it would work with my Fiio M9, but it seems it does not.
    My Audeze Mobius does work with the M9 without a problem also via USB C. It is the same principle. The M9 would output the digital data via the USB C port and the Super X-Fi would use it to transfer it via its DAC and 3D magic to the headphone output. The M9 recognizes the Super X-Fi as a USB device but no sound will come out. The only thing happening is that a voice will say „Please use the Super X-Fi app to perzonalize your amp for the best experience.“
    When I use my iPad with the iPhone camera adapter it works without a problem. Also when pressing the Super X-Fi button for the first time it will say „Please use the Super X-Fi app to perzonalize your amp for the best experience.“ but then it will play the music.

    Any ideas?
  8. RRod
    Enjoying these so far. My initial impression is that the SXFi + the AurvanaSE combo is much better tonally balanced for my ears than, say, the Mobius. I confirmed this with a measurement or two. Now, this seems to be a function of the Aurvana more than the SXFi. The SXFi adds a bit more bass (expected from the added reverb), and adds in an HRTF-y feature or two. Localization is angularly pretty good. Still not getting a super-pronounced out-of-your-head sensation, but it definitely removes the 'laser-beam into the brain' feeling. At some point I'll grab a headphone that isn't the AurvanaSE and see how the resulting curve looks; I'm interested to know if the SXFi aims to give the same response across measured headphones, or if it adds in a feature or two but maintains the overall FR response of the cans.

    Am liking these with most material so far, music and movie, but that's probably mainly due to the headphones not slapping me in the face from 1-4kHz. Anyone know any good demos with deliberately surroundy material?
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  9. obiwon
    Listen to Metallica’s One on YT. If u don’t get the out of your head sound in the first minute then there is something wrong with your rig.

    1. Make sure to set to 24 bit/48000 on your PC under your speaker settings

    2. In Configure play around with stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 to see which gives u the best effect.

    3. I have found the better the quality recording the better the holography. If u can find some studio mastered music it is totally a different level than ordinary recordings.

    4. I assume u have done the ear mapping as that helps also.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018
  10. RRod
    There is nothing wrong with my rig. For me there is nowhere near the frontal aspect of having a speaker in front of you in a room; if there is for you, great! The crossfeed effect it does have isn't bad, and reminds me much of what I use for standard headphone listening (much more aggressive than typical crossfeed presets). It gets the sound from between the ears to between the eyes.
  11. obiwon
    Don’t know why u wouldn’t be getting the effect. It’s very pronounced on my rig. I would say the sound comes from 12” in front of me. I would also suggest cleaning your ears as that can also make a difference.
  12. RRod
    If I swivel around to put my floorstanders behind me, they sound unmistakably behind me, and if I swivel back they sound in front of me, despite all my earwax. It's really not a bad effort, the SXFi, so I see no need to sugarcoat imperfections. When I have more time I'll compare the contralateral responses from my speakers vs. SXFi.
  13. obiwon
    If your expecting them to sound like true floor speakers u will be disappointed. And the ear wax is peculiar to headphones as it made a difference for me. No need to be defensive. Just trying to help.
  14. dragon5
    may be you need to borrow an android phone to personalise your super xfi. Install the super xfi app to take a few photos of your head.

    since you have both Audeze Mobius and super xfi, it will be good if you can compare the 2 and give a review here.
  15. blazinblazin
    There's no need to debate.

    I have tried different profile and headphones.

    Some are not as out of head as others profile.

    This profile thing is a hit or miss.

    So no need to judge other's
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