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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. obiwon
    i have tried the mobius. bought it as a gift for xmas. the mobius sound is still in-your-head stereo like atmos with the difference being the sound moves with your head. this is useful in gaming but a total negative in music or video. but realistically who moves their head that much where it would be needed? i dont game so i dont really know but to me it is gimmicky. as for the sound its fine. but its closed back which i do not prefer. it obviously does not even come close to high end audezes but for a mid-range headset it is good. SXFI is a completely different out-of-your-head effect so to me mobius and SXFI are entirely different categories and are not really comparable.
  2. obiwon

    take a listen to this and tell me if it does not sound like the sound is coming out of your screen.

  3. RRod
    Again the sensation, turning the SXFi processing off-to-on, is of moving from between the ears to between the eyes. It's not out-out there but it's not bad for something that needs 3 pictures and a 3" aluminum stick. If one's goal is to stop a direct shot of Adele to the hypothalamus, the SXFi will do the trick. Am testing them out now on some 2L tracks (their hi-res test bench has surround examples as well); definitely a positive, immersive experience, but accurate?
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  4. obiwon
    thats so strange. for me the sound is coming 1-2" in front of me. dont know what else to suggest if you have done the head mapping and headphone profiling. if you are using IEMs the effect is not as great. hope you get there!

    p.s. id also suggest trying open-backs as closed backs dampens the effect about 20%.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018
  5. musicphotolife
    I also have both SXFI and Mobius. Mobius is more detailed, while SXFI is more out-of-the-head experience and delivers a more realistic room sound. Then comes the challenge: some audio source cannot be translated accurately on SXFI, whereas Mobius works better for all sources. Additionally, Mobius can be tweaked to increase the room effect but I prefer to keep it close. My view is that Mobius is able to map the multi-channel directions more accurately, but if you prefer a out-of-head experience, then Mobius lacks that perspective. I prefer Mobius for its multi-channel accuracy and musical details.
  6. obiwon
    are you listening to SXFI thru the mobius or another headphone?
  7. musicphotolife
    Another headphones. I tested with HD650, E-MU Teak (sold to fund Mobius), Aurvana Trio.
  8. obiwon
    so when you listen to the SXFI + Mobius, and turn the SXFI on and off, you prefer the SXFI off?
  9. RRod
    Mobius has too much that can 'go wrong' that does for me, and not enough tools available to fix the wrongs. If/when they add in a few more features (EQ, virtual speaker placement) I will revisit them, but the SXFi gets enough right that maybe I'll just sell the Mobius and get on with life.

    There's DSP stuff I can try to make things more realistic, but the hope was for something with minimal baggage. Initial impressions are making me hopeful that I can live with them as-is, even if their musical sphere is somewhat smaller than I'd like. I imagine there will be some hot-hot firmware action going on soon as well that might add some extra possibilities.
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  10. musicphotolife
    I did not test SXFI + Mobius. To elaborate on my experience (I wrote a review article on Mobius), the SXFI is more impressive the moment I tried it. It is more "wow", it sounded different because of the out-of-head holographic magic. Mobius, when I started playing the music, sounded ok, until I started to move my head and realise what they did there - stationary sound localisation. SXFI is great for movies and laid-back music listening. Mobius works better for critical multi-channel listeners who want to uncover where each instrument comes from which of the 7.1 speakers. It's fun and interactive.

    Both are keepers, if you ask me. It's not which one is better. Both offers different experience.
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  11. musicphotolife
    I won't dispute that since your listening preference is different. I'm quite happy to know that SXFI gets it right for a lot of people. I'm proud of what Creative Labs has done for the audio community. Cheers!
  12. Richter Di
    Unfortunately the Super XFi app isn’t available in Germany at the moment. So I have to wait for this.
  13. RRod
    Did an FR comparison between SXFi on/off with a couple of cans you can select in the app. See here. Looks like there is a response that both cans are moving toward in varying amounts. In other news, ITD is about 208µs using my customized profile. That's a bit lower than the typical dummy head 30deg value; would be interesting to see how this varies by person.
  14. sahmen
    Does anyone have a link to a photo of the Aurvana SE headphones which comes complimentary with early purchases of this unit? Not that I think it is anything special (given that it is a freebie), but I just want to see how it looks like. I just purchased one of these amps, just to compare its performance with the Mobius, and the Sennheiser GSX 1000 for watching movies on my MBP laptop.

  15. InfernoFZ
    It basicly the CAL!

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