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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. mushy168
    Try it with some string instruments - guitars, violins, etc. Previously it sounded weird, it sounds different now... I get goosebumps...
  2. whazzup
    To be honest, I couldn't really say there's a noticeable difference....and the speaker simulation is still not really there...

    Still very conscious of the 'sound pressure' coming from the earcups, unlike some of the presets in OOYH, you almost cannot feel anything from the earcups. With just a slight effort, you can totally convince yourself the sounds are coming from physical speakers in front of you. Sort of like a difference between a real ventriloquist and someone pretending to throw their voice...
  3. johnn29
    Been listening to it now for an hour - it's much better. I really enjoy listening to music this way. I ran a channel ID check and it sounds like the rear/side channels are in a different room than the front. Maybe they recorded a different room.

    It's getting to the point where the difference between this and Impulcifer is preference. Impulcifer has the advantage of any headphones being compensated for. That has been the frustration with SXFI for me - no new headphones since launch really.
  4. x7007
    you here it on the computer after new sxfi head calibration?
    I noticed something new also but for some reason my old profile is better. Ive being going back forward and forward betwee my 3 profiles. by date are from old to new. 12, 3, 6. so the 12 was the first and it sounds the best. 3 and 6 sound weird, they lose the spatial feeling, 3d feel
  5. johnn29
    It's really hard to remember how things sound before. I only have one mapping that didn't get front localisation. But the most recent one has the best sounding for two channel music.

    PS - on the Galaxy s10 at least, you can enable SXFI without using the amp. It works with the s10's 3.5mm output. That way you can switch between mappings instantly if you want to A vs B. On the amp it takes a little while to upload
  6. mushy168
    I actually sent them a request for the Massdrop HD6xx sometime back, and they added them in about a month. You may want to try sending your request to team@sxfi.com.
  7. Lifted Andreas
    Well, they haven't bothered to add Massdrop Sennheiser PC37x yet. I requested it like 3-4 months ago when I got the AMP.

    Unless they end up adding it, I'm pretty much stuck with SXFI feature turned off permanently... Which is okay for me but still kinda sucks that the main feature is useless at the moment.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
  8. eliwankenobi
    I’m gonna straight up offer them to send my HD600 for them to add them!
  9. johnn29
    In situations where headphone compensation is needed but your headphones aren't supported - you can use AutoEQ's sound signature feature to equalize your headphone to sound like one that's already compensated for.


    Once you've installed it, check out "Using Sound Signatures".
    jaakkopasanen likes this.
  10. eliwankenobi
    Very Interesting!! Will check it out! Thank you
  11. x7007
    for which kind of headphones are we talking about? 800s or lower tier
  12. AudioManNewb
    What would one do in the instance that they have a DT 770 Black Mage. It's a supported headphone but its modded.
  13. x7007
    do you guys also see the massive links spam here?

    I do not quote so it will disappear with moderator on original message.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
  14. mushy168
    I'll help you send in a request for the PC37x. It could be they assess popularity by the number of separate requests they get!
  15. Zaphyre
    Edit: Ignore this, seems like it's an issue with the device I tried hooking it up with.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
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