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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. eliwankenobi
    Yes it will. I kinda want it. Would sell my Amp to afford the X3. Supports 192khz/24bit. Probably more amp power and has mch output and toslink for external DAC/AMPS.
    However, I don’t like the mic and headphone outs so separate
  2. pokerlife
    But it has a optical input on both this and the xbox
  3. Erik Garci
    The X3 has optical output, not optical input. So it cannot be connected to the Xbox via optical.
  4. pokerlife
  5. pokerlife
    Can i not just use that cord? One end into xbox an other into soundblaster
  6. illram
    I remember reading the Optical out does not do SX-Fi. Does it do SBX out? Also on the quick start guide the "front" line out looks like it functions as a line out for a L/R setup, meaning this could conceivably also be a lineout for SBX or SXFi to another amp. But it's unclear what its line out functionality is there either.

    I'd like to hook my E90/ESP950 up to SXFi but would prefer not to double amp it. (Anyone tried that with their SXFI dongle?)
  7. eliwankenobi
    The optical port is labeled output. So it only outputs audio received by USB port that could be routed to an external DAC/Amp or perhaps to a surround sound receiver, etc

    upload_2019-10-17_8-7-28.png upload_2019-10-17_8-7-28.jpeg
  8. illram
    I think it only does stereo PCM or DD Live though, which is annoying.
  9. billqs
    Does anyone know what chipset the X3 uses? I got shipped my SXFI AMP before they would exchange for the X3 so I'm trying to get the best info possible. The AMP is more limited, but has an excellent chipset.
  10. AudioManNewb
  11. billqs
    BTW, I've been emailing Creative. They told me the DAC chip in the X3 is AKM AK4458 DAC. This is the same dac used in Marantz and Onkyo devices, so I think it stacks up nicely to the DAC in the SXFI AMP. Seems like if you have a desktop system, the X3 appears to be the way to go.
  12. iznogud
    Yeah seems like it AKM 4458 VN, you can see the inside here :

    billqs likes this.
  13. eliwankenobi
    I may wait until a higher end version comes out with higher SNR and DSD support
  14. johnn29
    Anyone tried out the 360 reality audio? The setup process was much simpler than Creative's

    You can't seem to just simulate loud speakers though for regular music - has to be mixed in the 360 format.
  15. Falkentyne
    There was a firmware update sometime recently, but it doesn't show on the computer app, only on mobile.
    1.45 instead of 1.40.07.
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