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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Falkentyne
    Another firmware update 1.61.01.
  2. Ken Quek
    Thanks, updated my Amp. Also found update for the SXFI Air and updated as well.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
  3. BlueIguana
    I don't understand why Creative can't just release a software version of Super X-Fi. Can the chip really do more calculations than my powerful PC??? I would rather have wi`ndows process it through an app and then send the signal from my high quality outboard DAC and AMP to my IEMs then use the X-Fi which is sure to hiss. If I buy the X3 can I just do all the processing in software???
  4. Ken Quek
    The SXFI App on mobile is the software version however it isn't the real thing.

    The reason why they sell them on chips is to protect their codes. Something developed over 10 years can be stolen in a matter of days through software reverse engineering.
    BlueIguana likes this.
  5. BlueIguana
    Ah, that does explain it, thanks. Hope they make a hifi version then
  6. AudioManNewb
    Calling all SXFI AMP owners with windows PC can you check how much MA your amp is pulling says on the amp itself and the box 5v==500ma. Mine is registering as only using 100ma using usbdeview and usbview. Curious if its the same for everyone or just something wrong with mine.
  7. Cevisi
    I never looked after that but i saw there is a usb device that you plug between to usb to measure the voltage and current. But my sxfi amp is louder on my pc as in my ohone
  8. Ken Quek
    5V 500mA was an old USB specification standard. (USB 1.0 power supply)


    This is what i get when plugged into Windows 7 PC. EMU Teak connected to the Amp and playing a youtube video at low volume. Current draw of 100mA is normal.
    Cevisi likes this.
  9. AudioManNewb
    How come on the SXFI amp itself it says it will draw 500ma? Also I own the Hifiman HE4XX and I have to turn it up to at least 70% to get good jammin volume.
  10. Ken Quek
    It just mean to be used in a USB port capable of 500mA. You can go look at all USB products, what printed is not the actual current draw. How much power it draw depends on the load!

    Similarly, your PC's PSU of 600W does not mean it draws 600W all the time.
  11. AudioManNewb
    Ok thank you for explaining. Both my keyboard and mouse draw there max thought that's how other usb electronics worked.
  12. Ken Quek
    You are welcomed. But you do not view current draw from "usbdeview and usbview", you use a USB volt/current meter. Your keyboard and mouse draws significantly lower current than you imagine.
  13. AudioManNewb
    Which do you guys think or know has the stronger headphone amp in it the Super X-FI amp or the Sound Blaster X3?
  14. AudioManNewb
    Also can either of those amps drive a DT 770 250ohm good enough not talking loudness talking actually amping it right?
  15. Rugalb
    I love the Super X-Fi Amp, but using it with my phone is not very comfortable. If I am walking with the phone in my pocket it often happens that the connection is lost and I have to press the button on the Amp or press play on the phone. Is there any way, cable or device to keep the connection stable? Any advice?

    Thanks in advance
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